Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted and CSI

 Hi hope you are having a great weekend.  We  I have my bunion surgery yeterday and all went well EXCEPT I'm a retard on crutches and haven't really gotten the hang of the wheelchair either - this is going to be a long long month.!  And I had forgotten completely that I was horribly nauseated after the last surgery - puking for three days and this time has seemed to start out about the same way.  Ate a very tiny lunch yesterday which promptly came up. I feel better today - they gave me a patch that's supposed to help so hoping it works.  But getting up my normal 5-6 times a night to use the rest room was a really treat!  Probably most of it in my head.  I'm hoping to get a little better at all this today - right now I have to thank my sweet hubby for taking such good care of me.
First up I have my card for Unscripted Sketches.  This paper with the dots worked like a charm for the sketch.

 Next up is my page for the Case File over at CSI.  I managed to use this clean up program on my computer that my SIL put on there and it's messed up several sites for me.  I have to wait for him to get back from camping Sunday before we can fix it.  I'm really lucky - he's as smart as all the computer geeks but I can understand him and he's patient with me! But this page is done with some My Mind's Eye papers, lots of stamping.  This is Brandy's bff, Megan, with her sisters at a family photo shoot.  Can't claim the photo - it was by inbloom photograph.  Please check over at CSI to play along with this amazing group of talented ladies. The Design Team is from all over the world and their work is simply stunning.  I've learned to much from being part of this team.  Mixed media is really hard for me - I'm more a clean scrapper but I've learned from them how to incorporate more of it in my page.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.!


  1. Glad to hear the surgery went well ... I hope you start feeling better soon! I love love love the card and the lo! GORGEOUS!!!

  2. These are beautiful. You have such a way with colours Debbie.
    Sorry you are nauseous...that sucks. You need to relax and enjoy the month! Thinking of you. Big hugs!

  3. Good to hear you are feeling better today Debbie. Take it gently and I hope you get the hang of the crutches soon. Love your layout with the journalling around the cloud and the soft, soft colour. Great stamping in the background too. Love your work :D

  4. Hope you're feeling better today Debbie, feel with you re the nausea .. yuk! This is such a lovely lovely and soft page, as Helen says - the journalling around the cloud looks fab. He he I remember when I didn't dare to use even mists, let alone any of the other weird goohey stuff people used on their pages. Experimenting and using just a little = binning everything before I got the hang of things, made things so much more fun. Have fun playing! :) xx