Monday, December 28, 2015

Latest CSI Case File #186

Yes I know I have been a horrible blogger but for some reason I couldn't get on to my blog.  Had a great Christmas although very tired of driving.  Went to my youngest daughter's in Houston for three days, then on to San Antonio to spend Christmas with my son.  Then made a meet trip with my oldest daughter to deliver Christmas presents to them on Sunday. So a LONG week.  I have joined the YMCA and it's really cheap!  I don't do outside working out with the cold weather so this was my option besides a gym and once I saw the price it was hands down the winner.  Anyway have started taking classes and have gotten great workouts!  I can see my body getting in better shape!  I take Zumba, Zumba step (love this one), Y-step, Body Combat (which my daughter would probably be rolling on the floor laughing at me because it's obvious I would never make a fighter), Body Pump (weight lifting and my favorite!) and today I added Cardio groove.  I'm obviously the oldest in almost all of the classes but I don't care and we are all too busy watching the instructor to pay any attention to how anyone looks! 
Well here's my page.  This is Brandy's bff, Megan and her family! I've been scrapping for little Gavin since he was born and am excited to find out he will be having a little brother or sister next summer!

For any of you who follow me on facebook you know my grandson has been suffering from acute renal problems.  He's having an extremely slow recover - hardly been able to go to school for either blood pressure issues or severe headaches. Please keep him in your prayers. So hard to see this bouncing off the wall boy barely able to get around and do anything.
Thanks for stopping by - will try to do better from now on.