Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday with US and CSI

 Well had some great news this week.  First off Jason and Maria got safely home from their two weeks in Mexico at her parents. They have some fabulous pictures that I'm scrapping as fast as I can.  The scenery was gorgeous and they took Jason to some awesome places.  Then he got home - got a new job with Suncoast - which is a rebar company where my hubby worked until he retired.  Hoping this is going to give him a shot at making a career and then hopefully they will be able to afford to get married and start giving me some more babies!!!  Next Brandy got word that she's getting a summer scholarship from nursing school - we don't know what it is yet but anything will help! Now if the house would just sell!!!!! I go back Monday to the doc and hoping that he's going to let me start putting weight on this foot.  FIVE LONG VERY LONG weeks of either being in a wheelchair or on crutches is wearing VERY thin!  I can't wait to take a shower with no plastic bag trying to balance on one foot and wash my hair, shave my legs and get clean!!!
First up I have my card for Unscripted Sketches.  Core'dination's sent me several Graphic 45 6 X 6 pads in anticipation of a swap and I could hardly wait to attack them!   AND since May is birthday month for us - twins on the first, me the 13th, Mother's day, Kim on the 24th and Kristi and Brandy on the 26th plus a niece's hubby same day.  Yeah it's a rough month here!


Next up is the Case File for this week over at CSI.  The rest of the file can be found on the blog but here's how I solved it.

This is my daughter and my granddaughter who aren't too far apart in age - and very close.

Then another page I just did with my April kit from Gossamer Blue.  My son and his girlfriend just got home from San Luis Mexico where her parents live.  They showed Jason the most fabulous time and we have some awesome pictures to scrap from his trip. 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday with US and CSI and a little Gossamer Blue

 Hope today finds everyone well.  Headed off to Round Rock today to celebrate my sister's 60th birthday.  Then coming home to pick up my son and his girlfriend from their trip to Mexico.  I can't wait to see all the pictures they have taken.  The ones they have posted on FB have just been amazing.  Looks like absolutely gorgeous country where they were (San Luis).  Still on crutches but have finally gotten kind of used to them.  Have another week before I go back to see when I can be full weight bearing.  In no hurry from what I have heard there is TONS of walking in the new unit.
 First up is my take on the Unscripted Sketches sketch this week.  Actually taking this to my sister today for her birthday card. Done with some Graphic 45 papers - aren't they pretty - came in my Core'dination's box yesterday which was HUGE!

 Next up is my take of the CSI Case File #119.  I struggled over this forever until I finally decided on what photos I wanted.  Loved this picture they took in Mexico at the pyramids of my son.  The papers are from Core'dination's Fancy Pants it's pre-embossed with black over kraft.  I selectively sanded portions of the paper and then stamped over some areas.   The clocks are Core'dination's Graphic 45 papers which I just sanded and then cut the clocks from.

Last up I have a couple of pages from my April kit of Gossamer Blue.  Some of it was perfect for these pictures of Jason and Maria from St. Patrick's day and then just some fun colors for the pictures of little Gavin.  Can't wait to work on some more - there's still tons in the kit to use. 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

How about some more Core'dinations??

Ok I've been up on the Core'dination's blog yesterday and today and so today I'm going to share the cards and layouts that have been featured.  We made a quick trip to Eastland yesterday to see my daughter and my grandkids but got home last night.  Good to see them.  She has five kids pre teen through high school.  We stopped by the grocery on the way in and bought tons of fruit.  They adore fruit as as you can imagine it takes all of five seconds for that many kids to go through a bag of grapes.  Kim said Madi grabbed a banana, grapes and strawberries to head to school the next morning.  I did bring them a little candy too but they love the fruit more!

 I loved this picture of Gavin from inbloomphotography and knew it had to be the focus of the page.  I used this sheet of whitewash from Fancy Pants which I sanded and dusted.  Then I used some of the 12 X 2 Tim Holts strips and embossed and sanded them.  Then I created the flowers with a Spellbinder's die, curled them and then sprayed them with Mister Huey mister and let them dry.  Once dry I put them together with a My Mind's Eye brad.  I also added a Core'dination's which I had embossed.
When I saw this picture I knew it had to be the focus of my page so I wanted to use papers that would just work with the photo.  Love this Fancy Pants sheet with the kraft base to it.  Then the Tim Holtz 12X 2 collection was perfect to make my strips.  The Core tags are so easy to use and add to your page.  For this one I used two different Cuttlebug 1 X 6 embossing folders and then added some pearls from Queen & Co.and some word stickers from Tim Holts.  My flowers I created by using the Spellbinder’s Die cuts – then I embossed and sanded them and curled them with a Fiskars tool.  Then I sprayed them with the Mister Heye’s shine spray – let them dry and put them together with the My Mind’s Eye brads.   I love how the flowers look when they have been sanded and sprayed – my new favorite thing to do. - See more at:

 Next up is some more photos taken at the photo shoot of little Gavin with his parents.  I used some Time Holz kraft core which I sanded to show the core and then scored.  Then I used a sheet of the Graphic 45 papers for the enter piece.
 Here's one more page I did for CSI using a Page Drafts sketch.  I loved this cute photo of Gavin who just started walking but shows no fear trying anything now.  I used a sheet of the Time Holtz shattered.  Love that it gives you this awesome background even when you don't do anything to it. 
Then I have some mother's day cards that I made using Core'dination's basic colors.

Here's a close up of the flowers.  I cut them with a Spellbinder's die - sanded them and curled them.  Then I misted them with a Mr. Huey's mist - let them dry and added a brad.
Next is a die I got from Silhouette.  Once I cut it out I just added some Tim Holtz spotted behind the front of the card and again made some flowers which I placed over the die where the flowers already were.
Last up I used several Silhouette die cuts of swirls and layered them over my card. 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter and Core'dinations

I'm up on the Core'dination's blog today with two different Easter layouts.
For the first one I started with the Tim Holtz Seasonal collection - how I love this line - the base is kraft!  Then I used dies and my Silhouette to cut flowers and make embellishments from the Core Basics Pastel Collection which I cut, embossed and sanded.  Then I added My Mind's Eye Brads and attached.  This is my little great -niece, Katy, a few years ago. 

Next up is another layout now using the Fancy Pants Core Impressions collections.  Then I added hexagons and for each center of the hexagon I embossed the paper with different embossing folders and then adhered them.  This is baby Gavin last Easter.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Well it's Saturday once again.  Been a long week with this cast on but Monday I go back and am hoping that I get a walking boot.  My hubby doesn't think it will happen but we will see!  Today I have a card for you from Unscripted Sketches - got my schedule mixed up last week and jumped ahead of myself - this is actually last weeks card and sketch - already showed this weeks. UHG.  So since this week is Blogversary over at US I am posting them both!

Then over at  CSI this week we again have a new and really colorful Case File We have one of Emma's awesome Page Draft sketches to work with too.  It just seemed like such an artsy Case File I just decided I wanted to play with some water colors so I did.  Wasn't positive I liked it but I wanted to use it anyway. The pictures were come I love that I captured of my daughter when we were at our annual boy's birthday party where almost all her brother's and sister's come together - as you can see she loves this kind of family time!
Then I had to show this adorable picture I captured of my Mom last weekend at her 87th birthday party.  I have such a huge family now - we only had three of the grandkids there but between them, great-grandkids and us we had 16 and two long bench tables.  When it came time to sing Happy Birthday the girls all pointed at Gma to show who's birthday it was and the entire restaurant joined in singing to her.  She was both embarrased and thrilled!  Afterward she went around to the tables thanking them, offering them birthday cake and telling them how old she was and wasn't she doing good for being that old!  TOOOO cute! Posed with the silly balloon we got her and never complained about all the tons of pictures Kim and I took of her with everyone.

Then afterwards Kim and I took the three girls to the blue bonnet field by my house and took about three CDs full of pictures of them. Here's just a couple - as you can guess they will be the topic of several layouts coming up.

Then my baby boy is in San Luis, Mexico, with his girlfriend meeting her family and friend's and having his first ever  trip out of the US.  He's having a wonderful time.  The pictures they have posted are just amazing!  Beautiful green and lush.  They have visited Pyramids - some jungle place - cannot wait to hear all about it and scrap it for them.

This last one I believe is her Dad's family at her Uncle's home which Jason said is to die for. My baby is there in the front left.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday with US and CSI

 Well here it is Saturday again already!  I didn't really say that - every single day with this foot is a struggle. I now have total sympathy for anyone confined to a wheel chair!  Maybe it's my type A personality who can't sit still anyway and am always doing something but this is driving me insane.  I don't sit well to start with.  My idea of sitting is to read, crochet and watch TV out the corner of an eye.  OR scrap or be here on the computer typing.  Went back to the doc on Monday and he changed the dressing.  Yes it's a little thinner (not much) but it's from three inches beyond my toes to  my knee!!!  He was laughing because he got teased to no end about the first dressing he put on my foot.  He is NOTORIOUS (VERY) for putting on these HUGE dressings - I'm talking  probably  a good six to eight inches padding around the foot - but he was given some ribbing because he toned my original dressing down.  See I KNOW him and told him before hand that I would be careful but he had to tone it down - I didn't have ANYTHING beyond A skirt that I could get on over that - even what he did I can only get capris on.  Now it's a little better but traded width for length.  Don't go back for another two weeks - still non-weight bearing - UGH.  Just knowing that it's a major pain to get up I have to to the bathroom probably 10 tens a night.  I know it's in my head but doesn't make any difference lol!
OK today here's my card for Unscripted Sketches this week.  Oh also today we are celebrating my mom's 87th birthday - have two of my girls with my oldest's daughter's five kids coming so a houseful!  Know it will be fun!

    Then over at CSI this week I have two case files to show you - first off is the one for Scrap 365-5.  This was my take on the Case File.

Then the Case File #117 for this week is this one and here's my take on it.  If you have never been to the CSI blog you need to go.  The Design Team is from all over the world and some of the most amazing designers I have ever run across.  They continue to inspire and challenge me every single week and I know I have stretched myself because of their inspiration.

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