Monday, March 31, 2014

Core'dinations and Cupcake Inspiration

Hi Everyone! We have a special treat this week...we are sponsoring the Cupcake Inspiration blog so if you are looking to win a Core'dinations prize pack head over there for you chance to not only be inspired but win some CORE!

Make sure you check out their RULES section here. You only have one week to participate so hurry!

Here's some cards I made using their inspirational cupcakes!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Ok it's officially been a week now since my surgery - a very frustrating and LONG week.  I'm still not very shiny with crutches - stick to the wheel chair mostly.  But I am improving.  Have done alot of scrapping but am getting bored.  I know I'm too much trouble to take out except for a short lunch and I'm ready to go somewhere and do something.  Every place I can think of would be a pain to take someone in a wheelchair.  I go see the doctor on Monday - will see but doubt he will be letting me put weight on this for a few more weeks.  At least I can get the cast through my capris and it's warm enough to wear them! 
First up is my card for Unscripted Sketches.  Found this old Fancy Pants stamp that seemed to fill the bill for the sketch.

Next up is my take on the CSI Case file this week.  If you haven't been over to see the inspiration from this Design Team this is the week to go.  The takes on this Case File are simply amazing!  
And here's how I solved the Case
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Friday, March 28, 2014

How about some Core'dinations

Today I'm up on the Core'dination's blog with some layouts I want to share plus one that is on facebook.  These are all made with only cardstock.  Core'dination's is so versatile that it's easy to make a layout and embellishments without ever using any patterened paper.  First up is a page I did of my grandkids playing in the snow on a snow day from school.
 Next up is a page I did of baby Gavin.  I wanted to use a grid pattern and us only the colors in his clothes.  For this I used scraps and embossed and sanded them and then created the title on my Silhoutte.
 Next up is a page I did using some of the 6 X 6 both the Darks and Neutral collections.  I used a die cut to cut the hexagons and then embossed and sanded each of them.. Love that now that my son has a girlfriend he is dying to have me scrap their pictures.  This after fighting for years to get pictures!
 Last of all is a page I used for a CSI case file but is just being previewed over at Core'dination's today.  I immediately went for this Cosmo Cricket cardstock when I saw the pictures of Gavin's reading.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gossamer Blue - March kit

 Well surgery went well - don't know what I was thinking when they asked me if I had any reactions to anesthesia - told them no no problem COMPLETELY forgetting until afterwards that the last time I had surgery I puked my guts out for days.  So didn't even think about it until after my small little lunch went and out.  Getting better on that score though.  Am a total klutz on crutches - they are dangerous with me and I'm using them as little as possible.  I do better with the wheelchair - plus it hurts if it isn't up in the air.  Going anywhere, doing anything is a major pain.  A SHOWER is totally a nightmare trying to stand on one leg - with a plastic bag tied around my other leg and keeping it off the floor and holding the bag tight and washing me and my hair all at the same time.  Glad there are no video camera's in there.  BUT since I can't do much I can scrap!!!  Using up the rest of my Gossamer Blue March kit - I think this is now up to eight layouts from the kit and still have enough for probably one or two more.
First up is my daughter (second from the left) and her buddies down in Houston all headed out to go dancing.

Next is another picture from the photo shoot of Brandy's bff, Megan's family by inbloomphotography.  Love this shot of Daddy and Gavin.

Next is an older picture of Brandy and Megan (momma to the little guy above here).  They have been friends since they started college.
Lastly are pictures my son and his girlfriend too at a Spurs game.  She bought tickets for them for his birthday. 
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted and CSI

 Hi hope you are having a great weekend.  We  I have my bunion surgery yeterday and all went well EXCEPT I'm a retard on crutches and haven't really gotten the hang of the wheelchair either - this is going to be a long long month.!  And I had forgotten completely that I was horribly nauseated after the last surgery - puking for three days and this time has seemed to start out about the same way.  Ate a very tiny lunch yesterday which promptly came up. I feel better today - they gave me a patch that's supposed to help so hoping it works.  But getting up my normal 5-6 times a night to use the rest room was a really treat!  Probably most of it in my head.  I'm hoping to get a little better at all this today - right now I have to thank my sweet hubby for taking such good care of me.
First up I have my card for Unscripted Sketches.  This paper with the dots worked like a charm for the sketch.

 Next up is my page for the Case File over at CSI.  I managed to use this clean up program on my computer that my SIL put on there and it's messed up several sites for me.  I have to wait for him to get back from camping Sunday before we can fix it.  I'm really lucky - he's as smart as all the computer geeks but I can understand him and he's patient with me! But this page is done with some My Mind's Eye papers, lots of stamping.  This is Brandy's bff, Megan, with her sisters at a family photo shoot.  Can't claim the photo - it was by inbloom photograph.  Please check over at CSI to play along with this amazing group of talented ladies. The Design Team is from all over the world and their work is simply stunning.  I've learned to much from being part of this team.  Mixed media is really hard for me - I'm more a clean scrapper but I've learned from them how to incorporate more of it in my page.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday posting!

 Well here's the weekend again!  I'm counting down the days now until I get surgery on my foot.  Had a little snag - when I went for the doctor's clearance found out I had a UTI - had to get a script and go back for another test but this one came out ok.  Go for pre-op with surgeon on Monday and hopefully surgery on Friday!  But tomorrow I'm working and still have a couple more days I have to work this week too.  Had a great day with hubby - drove through Medina, Bandera and then up to Kerrville for lunch stopping at a few antique store along the way. 
But here's what I have today.  First up is my card for the sketch at Unscripted Sketches this week - a little challenging for sure but I likes the results.

Next up is my page for the Case File this week at CSI.  When I saw that once of the pieces of evidence was no patterned paper I knew I had this one down - being a Core'dination's girl for so many years I can do a page with no patterned paper -in fact once I'm on a roll with it I have a hard time going back.  This is little Gavin (who also fit the case file) already climbing on things.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Core'dinations Today!

 How about a little Core'dination's today!  I'm up on the blog and here are two pages I did with the Spotted collections.  The Large spots are the large dot and the small dots are the Jullian.  They are both perfect for card making or layouts and come in a wide variety of colors.  YUM!

These are some precious photos of Gavin when he was very tiny.  He's my daughter's bff's baby and I've had the pleasure of doing his scrapbook pages.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mid week blogging

 Got my March Gossamer kit this week and since I've been off I've hit the scrap table running!The first three I can't claim photography - the photos were all taken by inbloomphotography.  These were family photos of baby Gavin (the son of my daughter's bff) and her family. I'm doing his scrap album.
 The last page is my son and his girlfriend on a day trip we made with them to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach - my hubby couldn't wait to show Maria Luckenbach. 

 Then I have been dying to do a collage of some of the pictures my daughter took on her cruise last month with one of her good friend's who was celebrating her 25th birthday.  I haven't done a two page layout in years but this one just seemed to deserve it.


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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Well Saturdays here again - have to crank it up to get ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Only a couple of weeks before I have surgery on my foot and then I'll have five weeks off - lots and lots of scrap time.  We have been busy showing the house - at least it's showing but still no contract.  Very tired of this!.  Yesterday went to town and ran some errands and had a nice lunch.  The weather has been too cold for me to get out to run/walk and I'm getting antsy.  Ready to get some workout in before I'm on crutches!  Today I have several thing for you  - first up my card for Unscripted Sketches.
 Next up are two layouts for CSI.  The first I showed last week as part of a group of layouts I did for Page Drafts February Love challenge.  It was originally done for this Case File but Debbi allowed me to put it in as long as I didn't show it was from this file which hadn't previewed yet.  The second is a special Case File we did in conjunction with Archi-Scraps.


 Then these are two cards that were featured over at the Core'dination's blog this week which I did for St. Patrick's Day

Then I was going to show you a little more of the things that went to CHA this year.  These are some of the cards I did.

Then last up - my daughter, Brandy, (right) went with one of her besties, Liz, on a cruise for her birthday (not Brandy).  These were a couple of my favorite pictures that they came home with.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Unscripted Sketches, CSI and more

 Happy Saturday - showing the house alot so spending alot of time getting it ready, finding something to do while it's showing - all that stuff.  We lowered the price so will see what that brings.  Three weeks now until I have surgery on a bunion on my foot - then I'll be off for five weeks.  He would let me go back sooner but since I do 12 hours on my feet - that's out for right now.  Today I have tons of things to show.  First off is my take on the sketch over at Unscripted Sketches - please come play along. 
Ok I give up - can't get this card to center here

 Next up is my page for the CSI Case File this week.  Theme ran with the best vacation you ever had so had to put up one with my cruise from last summer with two of my girls.

 Then this month Page Drafts had a contest with tons of prizes up for grabs for using one or more of the five new sketches Em did for Valentine's.  Here's the three I was able to do with the sketches.  Wish me luck!

These last two - the first is still from my Gossamer Blue kit from February and the last one is partly from the kit and partly from stash.  I should also add the last one is from another sketch from Page Drafts

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