Friday, March 27, 2015

CSE - CASE FILE 158 & 159 plus some Gossamer Blue

 Well everyone probably figures I fell in a hole and it feels like we did! We finally got moved got TV and internet service and are starting to find our way out from the boxes.  We are still buying furniture and decorating and still have to make a trip back down to San Antonio and pick up a load of things we stored in a storage unit which of course are some of the things I want right now!  It's coming together slowly.  We love the house and we pretty  much left most of our furniture there with our son as he is wanting to buy a house this year after he gets married.  We are getting new things.  Today we went with our official decorator (sks my daughter in law) for a huge shopping trip to hobby lobby and kirklands for decorating items that she will place when she comes over tomorrow!  Then we stopped by Dillards and got the rest of the bedroom set I wanted - I had bought the bed and thought I could live without the rest and found I can't!  But I have finally started scrapping here and there when I'm too worn out to work around the house.  Here's the last two case files over at CSI:
 My daughter's bff and her little boy who I scrap for.

 And here my granddaughter in photo taken by Trace Hernandez.

Then here I am trying to catch up with the last two months kits from Gossmer Blue.  I had to put them aside to get ahead enough at CSI that I could pack up my scraproom so they have been sitting there teasing me for a couple of months now!  Need to finish as it will be time to order a new kit this weekend!
These adorable photos were taken of Gavin (above - daughter's bff's little guy) by Carmen Perez for his 2 year photo shoot.

Then my daughter taking a rare break with her nursing friends from studying.
Earlier photos of Gavin in the next two playing basketball.

Then my son and his fiance with her parents during Christmas in Vegas.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

CSI - 156 &157

 Well here I am again late in posting these but here's the last two week's Case Files #156 and 157.  It's been a whirlwind around here.  Trying to move everything (we have been taking a truck every week during my time off.  Then I went with Maria and Jason to San Luis Potosi for a long weekend and had a fabulous time!  So beautiful! Then today was to be my last day at work and I got put on call but went in around ten to collect my check and because they had a fabulous party for me.  Trying to say goodbye to my work family of 20 years was soooo hard.  I didn't get home until three this afternoon.  But I did want to share my projects for the last two weeks - had so much fun with these Case Files even though I was pressuring myself to get ahead so that I don't have to miss any while we move.  I think I'm there - we should be moving the last load with the moving van by Friday.  I'm bored to tears though with my whole scrap room packed away.  I have two untouched Gossamer Blue kits that I had to pack away because I just didn't have any more time! First a few pictures from my trip! 

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