Sunday, May 31, 2009

My first month with the core'dinations DT. I'm still on cloud 9 here. The more I work with this yummy cardstock the more excited I am about it. Here are a few of my first cards and layouts using the core. I find myself looking around everywhere for inspiration on what I can use to emboss and bring out the underlying colors of this fun cardstock. On the first card here I used the fish grill grid from the barbeque to create the gridwork pattern. On the second card I used an embossing card from my Cuttlebug. I have also found that a color wheel is alot of help with using only cardstock - I've found some creative used for using colors that I might not have tried before. For the third card I have used some of the Black Magic together with the core'dinations cardstock. For the background I used the traditional embossing card and then sanded the paper. For the upper portions of the butterfly I punched out and embossed them and then layered them. For the larger background butterly I took a piece of Tim Holtz chipboard butterly wings and sanded over them and then cut them out. Love how it all came together. With the first layout I used different embossing folders and then sanded the different pieces. For the flowers I alternately sanded a few pieces and then left more natural but then tore circles to create the layered flowers. For the last page I opened up an embossing edge and laid it underneath the outside and sanded to create a border about 1" inside of my edge. The outside I just sanded some. Then to make the circle I used my Creating Memories circle cutter and sanded over the concentric circles. Loved how that turned out. Lots of sanding, tearing and embossing. LOVE this cardstock! I've even evaluated the soles of my shoes for inspiration.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prom was last night for Jason. He was ready by 1:30!!! They all looked so nice! This group consisted of a group from the soccer team and there were 6 couples all together who had gotten a limo for the evening. Here's just a few of the pictures I took. Preston (with the shaggier haircut) is Jason's best friend and like my second son. They have been friends ever since we moved out here back in 1999.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Friday ! YEAH! I've been through the health check up this week - went for a pap, mamogram, bone scan, got two cortisone shots in my hip for some tendinitis, got my two allergy shots, went for my work physical and had my annual TB test. I still have a colonoscopy to get done and my teeth cleaned and I should be good for another 20,000 miles! I also had a wreck yesterday - first time I have ever in 43 years of driving hit anyone. Someone stopped in front of the suburban that was in front of me without a blinker to turn and they slammed on their brakes and mine seemed to lock and I hit her - yuck - hate dealing with all this!
Oh a good note - here's the page I did for IAAS for their homepage this month. My g-nephew, Brayden - darn he's cute! There were so many Jenni Bowlin and other goodies in this fabulous kit!

Then this is a page I just did with the Noel Mignon kit - so many fun yummies here too!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday here - took the day off to take Jason to get his Driver's License - WOW scary! Actually made it all the way over there with everything we needed and took about 5 minutes. To get him to go back to school I let him drive my car today. (Man they are easy when you know what drives them!) Then we had my two little great-nieces for the last two days - Brandy babysat them - well until about 3 pm today! So cute - took some great pictures - here's one I did of them today for the CMK scrappy formula. Used some of my Noel Mignon kit with some core'dinations cardstock. Can I say how still in awe I am of making the team for Core'dinations!! Still on Cloud 9 AND the box of cardstock landed on my door ON MY BIRTHDAY! I had an awesome birthday - started out a bit rough but got better and better! First after being at work for 2 hours someone pointed out that I had on two different pair of shoes. DIED! RIGHT THERE DIED! Then I had to sit through a 2 hour conference like that. The girls outdid themselves though - went out and bought be flowers, NEW SHOES, fruit and a candle and tons of cards! Then I got home and had a prize package (so totally generous package I must say!) from Noel Mignon for participating in the NSB challenges, some stamps I ordered from Cornish Hen and the fabulous box of cardstock from Core'dinations! What an AWESOME birthday! Here's the page I talked about above for the CMK scrappy formula!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ok the weekend is here again and I'm trying to get everything crammed into two short days. Made a couple of cards last night with the kit from IAAS. Today we went into San Antonio and all went out to eat for Mother's Day and then I went and bought myself some clothes too. Tomorrow will be low key - eat at home and get things done. But here's my cards.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed my three day weekend - have to figure out how to have this every week! So much more time to scrap, work around the house and just enjoy being in the country!. So yes, it was NSD and I used that as an excuse to got go anywhere or do anything but scrap!!! So while doing some of the challenges I found I was also playing with a couple of new kits - one the Webster's Pages I've been waiting on forever!!! And the other the Noel Mignon kit - love love love both of them - here's what I came up with.

Another backside webster's card I made as well

Then here's the one with the Noel Mignon kit - done for their NSD sketch challenge:

Finally I loved the Crate Paper kit I used for IAAS last month so much I couldn't bear to throw away the scraps so made one more little card with them before calling Uncle:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh so thrilled to announce that I found out that I made the Design Team for Core'dinations Cardstock!! I am thrilled to be included in a wonder group of girls who made the team. Other members are:
Cari Locken
Debbie Standard
Ellen Sosnoski
Heather Bowser
Hera Frei
Kandis Smith
Kim Moreno
Kimber McGray
Linda Beeson
Lydia Jackson
Melissa Oliveira
Molly Peckham
Paula Gilarde
Sarah Hodgkinson

This is just a tremendous honor to actually get to work with all these talented designers and I'm so looking forward to getting to know them better!