Monday, March 24, 2014

Gossamer Blue - March kit

 Well surgery went well - don't know what I was thinking when they asked me if I had any reactions to anesthesia - told them no no problem COMPLETELY forgetting until afterwards that the last time I had surgery I puked my guts out for days.  So didn't even think about it until after my small little lunch went and out.  Getting better on that score though.  Am a total klutz on crutches - they are dangerous with me and I'm using them as little as possible.  I do better with the wheelchair - plus it hurts if it isn't up in the air.  Going anywhere, doing anything is a major pain.  A SHOWER is totally a nightmare trying to stand on one leg - with a plastic bag tied around my other leg and keeping it off the floor and holding the bag tight and washing me and my hair all at the same time.  Glad there are no video camera's in there.  BUT since I can't do much I can scrap!!!  Using up the rest of my Gossamer Blue March kit - I think this is now up to eight layouts from the kit and still have enough for probably one or two more.
First up is my daughter (second from the left) and her buddies down in Houston all headed out to go dancing.

Next is another picture from the photo shoot of Brandy's bff, Megan's family by inbloomphotography.  Love this shot of Daddy and Gavin.

Next is an older picture of Brandy and Megan (momma to the little guy above here).  They have been friends since they started college.
Lastly are pictures my son and his girlfriend too at a Spurs game.  She bought tickets for them for his birthday. 
Thanks for stopping by!  Your sweet words make my day.


  1. Well, the inconvenience sounds like such a pain. Take it slow and easy. Rest well so that you can heal fast. Glad it hasn't affected your mojo....these are fabulous as always!

  2. Hopefully you feel 100% soon!! I love love love these pages!! They are gorgeous!!!

  3. Glad your surgery went well! Love all of your layouts!!! So many great photos and pages and memories recorded!!!