Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Case File 187 and 188

 I'm out of practice with keeping up here!  Been busy at the gym.  I love the Y here - going to have a huge new one in March.  Right now there's the first of the year surge in joining so classes are crowded which mean more sweating lol!  But it's getting the job done - can see the inches falling away - especially seen alot of improvement in my back and arms.  My favorite class is the Body Pump which is totally weight lifting targeting all areas.  My Grandson is back in the hospital - hoping we are going to get some answers - poor little guy - his kidneys aren't working well - he's swollen, has high blood pressure that has been hard to control and still very weak.  Had another biopsy today and hoping to hear answers tomorrow when they get the results. 
Today I have the last two weeks of Case Files for you.

And this one with one of Em's fabulous sketches!  I always love going with a sketch!

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