Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Well our family style!

 Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Mine  has just started.  When I was married the first time we spent our holidays on the road traveling between "his" family and mine and I swore that I wouldn't do that to my kids.  SO we always have our Thanksgiving on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Not only does this allow me to fulfill my holiday requirement at work but it also makes it so much easier on my kids.  They are free to spend Thanksgiving day with others and we celebrate on Saturday.  With the his, mine, and ours that we have we usually end up with in the neighborhood of 15-30 people.  I also take in some orphans from work so makes for a fun day.  My eldest came in last night, my youngest daughter already here and her bff (claim her as well) arrived last night.  We sat and played 42 most of the evening and just generally had a great time.  Today is turkey day.  All I have left is to put together the dressing and we should be ready.  Luckily I have a hubby who loves to cook and all that's required of me is turkey dressing. 
Today I have a card for you for Unscripted Sketches.

 Next up is my layout for CSI.  Immediately when I saw this palette I went for my Core'dination's Amour paper!  And since my computer was acting up I had to pick from pictures that were already printed out. 

Then since CHA was occupying my time this last few weeks I haven't had much time to play with the kits I've gotten.  I'm diving into my Noel kit now and here are the first two pages from that.  UGH  I already got my Noel December kit too.  I need some major scrap time to get through these!  Won't be happening anytime soon either - have work and classes this week and work the week after.  AND then my  hubby and I are going to take our own Christmas trip to New Orleans the week before Christmas - can't wait!

Here are a couple of tags I made for Core'dination's last month.  Just got it in my head that I wanted to try these and loved how they came out.  I embossed the tags, sanded them and then inked them with Tim Holtz inks.  Then I sprayed them with some Mister Huey inks and put them together. 

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Can't believe it's already Saturday but this has been one LONG week.  I know I haven't posted much but getting ready for CHA was keeping me so busy.  Finally got all my stuff out last week - well the first wave anyway.  I'm sure there will be some last minute projects that need to get done but the things for the catalog went out on time.  Then I had somehow landed a horrible schedule at work.  Was to work Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Almost overwhelming for me who normally works no more than two in a row - then has several days rest before I tackle it again.  Anyway Friday I ended up with the assignment from H - I mean probably the worst I've had in I don't know when. Agitated patient who was spitting - like trying to keep a 195 pound two year old in bed and not hurting himself or me.  I was exhausted - came home and told my hubby I was just too old for this stuff.  Anyway as you know we keep our house constantly on the ready to show basis since it's for sale so when I leave in the morning my room is spotless, bed made, nothing on the counters.  I had had a fever blister after a sinus infection the week before and bought campho phanique (sp_) for the first time.  Had just thrown in under the counter when I left for work.  Well I has Lasix years ago so I have chronically dry eyes and I use lacrilube and drops in them nightly.  Went to do that and can even remember thinking wow that sure went in smooth (lacrilube is usually gooey).  About the time I started the left eye the right one started burning but your natural instinct is to blink so got it in the left as well.  Basically scalded my eyes.  Lubed and babied them all Saturday.  We are short so went in on Sunday - charge nurse took one look at me and sent me to the ER.  Three hours later was sent home and then had to follow up with Optho on Monday.  Good thing is I didn't burn my corneas and your eyes heal quickly so I'm back to normal - just still a little dry and need lots of drops.Then on top of that was trying to recover a jump drive and the CD that my SIL sent wiped out my photo program.  Had to order a new one (since I'd long ago lost the disc) and then couldn't get it to upload.  Finally my SIL called me last night and helped me fix it (he's my own personal go to computer wiz and guess what I can understand him!!!)
Here's my card for US this week.  Not sure I'm very happy with it but it works with the sketch. Please stop by and see our new Design Team's inspiration.

Next up is my layout for CSI case file this week.  Don't know what led me off into this grid pattern but it worked with the cute little pictures I had of Gavin from my trip to Houston.  AND this little guy got me four happy mails last week plus I had another one picked up of my granddaugthers!  Great week for happy mail!

Then last month we had a little challenge between the Design Team to create a chalkboard page with our Black Magic.  This was so fun.  The wonderful thing about Black Magic is the different colored base colors.  I started with a sheet that had a turquoise base.  Then I randomly sanded over my score it (hint) sand it while it's still on the ridge of the score it - much cleaner.  Then I took some pink based Black Magic punched a strip and sanded it to show the core.  Then I used my Spellbinder's die and cut more of the turquise flowers, sanded them and then curled and sprayed them with Mr. Huey and put them together.  I added a few Petaloo flowers as well since they perfectly match Core'dination's cardstock and done.  Oh forgot to add I had painted over a Crafter's Workshop stencil on here as well and added some circles in ink.  When you put down Black Magic over Black Magic is just blends it - you can't see that you are really using separate papers.  LOVE it!  AND this is my beautifully baby girl - caught her unawares that I was taking pictures at a family party.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday with CSI and Unscripted Sketches

Happy Saturday - hoping to enjoy mine.  I have the schedule from "h" this week.  If you don't know I'm a critical care nurse (yep the oldest one in the unit- lol).  Somehow she scheduled me (I'm a 24 hour a week person) for six days these two weeks and with all the people off right now popping out babies I hated to complain BUT I'm not sure I'll live through it - lol.  Worked Friday, next up Sun/Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon.  BUT on the brighter side - house is back on the market - hoping it gets shown a ton this week.  Been working on Core'dination's CHA projects all week long - today the David Tutura Cards (Core'dination's again) is on my plate.  But first up here's my card this week for Unscripted Sketches - please check over at the site - we have a bunch of new designers joining us with tons of talent.
 Next up is my page for CSI this week.  Here's the color schedule - please check over at the site for more inspiration as well as the entire Case File.  Used some Core'dination's cardstock for my page and this is my daughter and her bff's Megan.  Got to spend last weekend in Houston with these two, Megan's baby and Brandy's other bff Liz.  Brandy and I went to see the show for SYTYCD (fabulous) then spent an evening out with Liz and Brandy and breakfast with Megan and her little man.
And then here's a page I did awhile back for my Core'dination's Design Team projects which I see has been posted to the blog so now I can post it here.  Love how I was able to find the perfect papers to match these cute photos of Gavin's outfit. 
And yet one more - another one of Gavin - this kids takes the best photos~!

 But it won't center - oh well - thanks for stopping by - your sweet words make my day!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Core'dination's Hard Core Crop

My challenge is to create a layout using Core'dination's cardstock of course of something you are thankful for.  For my page I used some of Tim Holtz Seasonal collection cardstock.  I just love this seasonal papers.  First of all I sanded down the entire page so that the works and leaf work around the edges showed.  Then I took some of Tim Holtz inks and inked around the edge of the paper.  After that I shielded the rest of the page and sprayed the edges with a Mister Huey mist.  I created the leaves using some of the 6 X 6 Tim Holtz kraft paper pads and ran them through my Cameo to cut the leaves.  Then I used an embossing folder to emboss them.  I then sanded them and also sprayed them with Mister Huey spray mist.  The Thankful title is cut from another piece of the Tim Holtz Seasonal cardstock.  I've included some close of ups of the edges and the leaves.  Please link your entry in the Mr. Linkz and join us on facebook here

And here's what's up for grabs for the winner of my challenge!

Here's the link to the Master Challenge List: