Saturday, February 27, 2016

CSi Case File #192

This week has flown by - had to work one day but it wasn't too bad.  Been at the Y for about 10-11 classes throughout the week and am SORE!  But had several people come up to me and say - man you are really loosing inches!  I haven't tried to really loose weight - but have lost several pounds and I know gained alot of muscle!  And the places I'm sore are where I need to loose weight so that's probably good too.  Took Y- double step for the first time today!  Have been doing Y-step for awhile but never tried the double step - was fun but definitely need more practice!  It moves!  I think someone who had a fitbe clocked 5,600 step in one hour!  Well here's my take on the most recent Case File - little Gavin!  Also managed to get a blasted cold and my head is sooo full!  Hopefully all this exercise will drive it out!

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Case File #191

Wow two weeks in a row - don't pass out!  Has been a busy week - mostly at the Y.  Love these classes and even more encouraged now that I can see some progress.  Otherwise just been leading the life of a busy retiree.  Been cancelled the last two weeks at work so have gotten to do some fun thing like have lunch with by best friend from fourth grade!  We went all the way through school together and it's fun getting caught up again.  Going to go see my Mom next week for a couple of days and going to meet up with another high school friend as well as a college friend (we were all really close) so excited about that.  Here's my take for the #191 challenge. 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Case File #189 and #190 - CSI

I've become horrible at keeping up with this - who would know semi-retirement could be so busy!  I go to the Y every day I'm not working or out of town - have meet some great people but most of all I can really see changes in my body.  Never really needed to loose much weight but can tell MAJOR differences in my body.  Loosing my four kid intertube and my back and shoulders are loosing fat at a great rate. I could barely do a push up when I started or a sit up and now I'm holding out through the entire class.  Love that they offer such a great variety of classes because they are really pushing me to work hard.  I'm sure I'm probably the oldest in most of the classes but I love it.  I tried a couple of the ones they consider "gold" but man those women are vicious!  God help you got there early and are standing where they consider "their spot"!  Have had them literally come in and stand right in front of me so quit that! We finally had a little good new about my grandson last week - his protein levels have finally started to come down and his blood pressure has been a little better controlled!
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