Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday with US and CSI

With a sad heart Unscripted Sketches is closing down after this post.  I think I have been with them from almost the start and hate seeing them close but things happen that way.  This is my last card for them.  Just perfect for my great-nephew who will be turning four in another week.

 Then for the CSI challenge this week this is my page.  Photos are from Jason and Maria's trip to San Luis!  Loved seeing these gorgeous waterfalls!

Then I'm off from Friday and headed to Eastland to celebrate my oldest grandson's graduation from High School.  This young man has already accomplished so much.  He graduated from HS with an associates degree and is accepted to Texas Tech in the fall.  As of right now he plans to be a physical thereapist.  So proud of him.  !

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Another card for the May SRM birthday challenge!  Have a little guy's birthday I need to send out a card for and SRM stickers make it so easy!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

Well I finally made it back to work and it was one LONG day but I lived.  Still confined to a Cam walker but am able to walk again.  The new unit is HUGE - I knew where absolutely NOTHING was but gradually over the day began to find things.  Everyone was helpful which made a big difference but still a long 12 hours!  Oh this starts another week of our May birthdays.  The twins were the first, mine the 13th, now today is Kim's (my oldest), Monday is Brandy's and Kristi's (my middle two) as well as my sister's SIL's.  We have such a huge family now - seems like each month there is one but May is the kicker. 
Today I have my card for Unscripted Sketches for you

 Next up is my page for CSI - loved this picture of my Jason's Maria.  She is such a beautiful girl - inside and out and just seems to burst with excitement for life.  A total delight to be around.  Her laugh just warms my heart!

Next are a few pictures from last Saturday when Charlie's oldest daughter, Becky was here with her Granddaughter (our great granddaughter), Kayla.  We all went to Gruene for the day to market days and spent a wonderful afternoon shopping and eating.  That's my baby boy carrying my new Vera Bradley purse that I found because I took the crutches so I wouldn't be walking on my foot too much.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Happy Saturday - we have a house full of people this weekend.  Charlie's oldest daughter and his great-granddaughter are here and Jason and Maria are here.  Plan to make a trip to Gruene today.  Guess I'll be hauling out the crutches as I don't think my foot can take that in this torture boot!  Go back again Monday to see if hes going to clear me for work.  It's now been two months!!!!!
First up is my card for Unscripted Sketches.  Plan to use this for a birthday guy I know this week.  This is a heavy birthday week here.  We've already had the twins on the first, mine on the 13th and this week all three of my girls celebrate birthdays - Kim's on the 24th, Kristi and Brandy on the 26th as well as my sister's SIL same day.!

Next up is my page for CSI.  Loved this bright pallet.   The page is another page for Jason and Maria from their trip to Mexico.  These are the pyramids outside of Mexico City.  I love doing these pages and having Maria tell me the history behind the names of the places.  There are three of these huge pyramids as you can see if you get the panoramic photo large enough. 

Then I had a couple of pages featured on the Core'dinations blog this week.  First one for my Mom celebrating her 87th birthday. And the second of Brandy that we took after Mom's party of the girls in the bluebonnets. As you can see Brandy posed nicely up to a point and then burst out in spontaneous poses.  Her dance always pops out once in awhile.

Then this was a page I did with more of my May kit from Gossamer Blue.  Wanted to use up some of the million sequins and little embellishments that came in the kit so used some Gelatos and played.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday posting

Got a little this and a little that here today.  Two cards were on the core'dinations blog today.  Then I've been playing with my Gossamer Blue kit for May.
Today I went back to the doctor.  After the Xray he wasn't happy at all with the healing.  Said the metatarsal looked spongy or something along those lines.  Said I was definitely doing too much!  Too much walking.  So denied me going back to work at least for another week.  Put my in a bunion splint and a torture boot.  I HATE it.  I can't walk much because it's just too hard in this stupid boot!  So scrapping here I come!  At least for another week!

 This next one was made from left overs from older Gossamer kits.  This was taken while Jason was in Mexico.  It was a picture of Maria's Dads family in front of Maria's parent's home in San Luis.
 Then these are all from the May kit.  Little Gavin in this one.  Mom caught me up on recent photos - did one of him with the watermelon in the previous post.

 Then I loved this shot taken while they were visiting San Miguel.  I just have a thing for those shots taken from behind!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's day to all you mother's out there!  Hope you have a fabulous day!  We are taking my Mom out to lunch today.  Here's a page I did for Core'dination's for Mother's Day using some of the picture we took last month of her 87th birthday.  She's still going strong - still mows her own yard and keeps up her own house.  She has some good genes - some of her Dad's family lived into their early 100's.  I only hope I look and am going as strong as she is at her age!

Next I got my Gossamer Blue kit yesterday and couldn't wait to dig  in.  So for my first page here's little Gavin enjoying his first watermelon.  Obviously it won't be his last!  Already have another page with photos printed out ready to start on.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Happy Saturday!!! I'm walking again and getting stronger with it every day.  Made it around the block yesterday but then it was swollen but it's getting there.  Go back to the doctor on Monday to see if he will release me to go back to work - UGH!  Today I have lots of goodies to share.  First up is my card for Unscripted Sketches.  Used some of the gorgeous Graphic 45 papers I recently got.

 Next up is my layout for the Case File #122 for CSI.  I had so much fun with this page when I realized it was the perfect opportunity to use these photos Jason and Maria had brought back from their recent trip to Mexico.  This was a huge waterfall park area they went to.  If you look close you will see my forever daredevil son doing a backdive off the rocks.  There was another one of him doing the same off the cliffs!  UGH.  He was like - what Mom, you could see the bottom it was so clear!!!.

Next I have a couple of pages I did with leftovers from some of my recent Gossamer Blue kits while I'm anxiously awaiting my next kit.  Have been so disappointed that the UPS hasn't been by.  Was thinking maybe it was my kit yesterday but it was a box from Northridge publishing returning some published layouts. This first page is a second to one I can't show yet because it's for another Case File for CSI but these are pictures from their trip to Teotihuacan which are the pyramids near Mexico City.
What has been most exciting about doing their pictures is getting the history of the locations from Maria.  I've added note cards to the backs of all their pages so they can write stories about special things they did while they were there.

Then this page was overdue as Brandy will be 25 in another week or two but these were from her 21st birthday.  Poor kid - she was so young for her group - she graduated from college and turned 21 in the same week.
Next up is a couple of pictures of my handsome grandson, Morgan, who is graduating from HS this month AND just graduated with an an Associates Degree last night.  So proud of this kid!

The lastly I wanted to show off my card for my Mother.  We will take her out for lunch tomorrow with my sister and niece and family.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Mother's Day to all my lady friends out in blog world!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

SRM Design Team Call

I am interested in joining the SRM Design Team so I have prepared a blog post devoted just to SRM.  I fell in love with their stickers years ago when I was sent a big package of them from Core'dinations to do a swap with.  I have gone back to them time and time again over the years.  It's so easy - the sentiments are all there and it makes card making and other projects so much easier!  So get ready - as I said these are just some of my favorites - probably call this over kill but as I said I've been using their product for years and love it!

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