Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Gossamer and Thanksgiving Wishes

 Hope you all are having a Happy Thanksgiving!  My daughter comes in tomorrow morning - my son's already here and my other daughter with five grandkids will be here Friday.  We always have our Thanksgiving on Saturday  - started out to make things easier on married kids who needed to spend time with the other side of their families and now has just turned into our traditional time to have it.  Plus I always have to work some holidays and I usually work Thanksgiving and New Years so I can have Christmas off.  We are making do in this rental this year so trying to get some of the stuff cooked early as we  have a crappy stove and a small oven.  I was scheduled to work Thursday but I guess there were SOOO many people who requested Friday off (can people SERIOUSLY want to shop on that nightmare day???) that I was switched to Friday - not really happy about it because Thursday was time and a half!  I LIKE working those days!  Here's a couple of more layouts from the November Gossamer kit to share.  Little Gavin first in his Buzz Lightyear costume and the second one using some of the pictures Maria's Mom took of the two of them at the Botanical Gardens to use for their Save the Date photos.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Thanksgiving day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gossamer Blue Kit

 Rainy day here!  Course tomorrow when I have to go back to work it's supposed to be pretty again!  Went out to lunch yesterday and today but besides that haven't done much but scrap.  Next week the crowd will head in so will be busy getting ready for all of them.  Not looking forward to cooking in this rental kitchen for a huge crowd but we will get through it.  Probably have in the neighborhood of twenty five or so coming and that doesn't even put a dent into all that we could have and probably will have next year when we finally get settled into our new and final home!  Went and did some looking the other week and think we have found the house that we want.  Going back again after Thanksgiving and see what we can do.  It's still under construction so will be awhile. IF it goes through - who knows. 
Today I have some pages I did with my new November Gossamer Blue kit.  First is a photo taken when Maria's family came down so we could pick out her gown and the families finally all met.  We had a wonderful time even with a language barrier.  We know a little Spanish though and they know a little English and we had Maria there to translate what we couldn't.
Next up is some pictures Megan sent me of little Gavin in his skeleton shirt.  Such a cute little boy!
Then here's some pictures of Jason and Maria from a San Antonio Soccer game recently.
Still have tons in my kit - just have to find time to create.   Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Catch up with CSI

There have been several Case Files and special Case Files posted the last couple of weeks and sadly I have been a slack on on blog posting.  Been working too much which hopefully stops and running up to Granbury in hopes of finding a home. This first file was for a special Case File and I did this one months ago - just never have shown it till now.  This is a shot I caught of my daughter during a family party when she didn't realize I was taking pictures.  Love it!

 The next one is the Case File for this week #147 which I solved using pictures of my 15 year old kitty.
 Lastly this is a special Scrap 265-9 Case File and I used these pictures of Jason and Maria from their trip last spring to San Miguel.  On the back I have journaled about the country.  I'll include it here as it's pretty fascinating.

You all had such a fabulous time during your trip to Mexico to see Maria’s family.  You spent one special day traveling to San Miguel.  Such a magical city.  I looked it up and found that there were 10 reasons to go and enjoy this magical place:

1.         History – located in Central Mexico it has no beaches yet people fall in love with this magical city who history dates back to 1542 and plays a major role in silver trade.

2.        Architecture – it’s known for it’s well-preserved Colonial and Spanish architexture.

3.        Eclectic shops – a mix of art galleries, souvenir shops, modern boutiques and old stores.

4.        Cultural Mix – With a moderate climate and cost of living it draws not only rich Mexican culture but many foreign retirees, artists and writers

5.        Food & Dining – Because it’s so popular with tourists there are foods galore from street goods to gourmet restaurants.

6.        Rooftops – with temperate weather, many restaurants and bars are on rooftops offering beautiful city views

7.        Art – The city has a vibrant art community with many studios and galleries with working artist and artisans

8.        Walkability – the historic center of the city is 24 blocks of narrow streets ,alleys and paths with no traffic lights.

9.        Jacaranda Trees – lavender-colored jacaranda trees are natice to this regions and are beautiful
Dramatic sunrises and sunsets – Because of the light and changing colors of the foothills of Sierra Madre, the sunrises and sunsets can be quite dramatic

Then here's another page I finished with this adorable picture of my grandchildren when they were little with the November Gossamer Blue kit

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Imaginarium Design Team Call

I've put together ten of my favorite projects using chipboard to apply for the Imaginarium chipboard Design Team.  I love using chipboard on my pages - it just adds both texture and details.  This first page was published in Scrapbook Trends.
 Here I have used some floral chipboard which I painted to work in with my page
 I have used a chipboard title here.  Even a small amount of chipboard on a page adds so much.
 Here the chipboard leaves were the perfect touch with my flowers.
 Once again I love using chipboard to add to a floral accent. 

 Here the floral chipboard was the perfect touch to go with the Coredination's embossed paper. The chipboard title was perfect!
 It's even fun to use raw!
 Here the pre printed chipboard piece added texture to my title.  The little chipboard heart added some more texture to the page.
 Here the black chipboard was perfect to work with the mixed media background of the page to bring pop to the colors.
 Here I have painted the chipboard to use in extra details and to add texture.
Hope you have enjoyed the show.  Will keep my fingers crossed to hear about the Design Team!