Friday, July 13, 2012

Unscripted - Highlighting Design Team - ME!

This is Christmas in July month for Unscripted Sketches - each of us has been asked to pick a day to be spotlighted and since I'm a 13th birthday kid (May) I picked today. We each picked a room of our home to entertain you in so I picked our family "confence" room - this is where my hubby sits most days reading, where we have our friends come to sit and enjoy the outdoors and where we have all our important family conferences. The kids also will have friend's over and make a little fire in the pit there and sit out here and talk - we hangs lights everywhere here at Christmas - the trees and around the fences - we look alot like the Griswalds most Christmas as I'm know to hang in the neighborhood of 50+ strands of lights.

We also were each asked to answer a few of the questions she had posted so I picked these:

-What country/part of the country do you live in? If you could say one sentence about the area you live in, what would it be? I live in Texas so it's hot and dry down here which I personally love. We are fairly near the beach and have a lake within a short drive.

-You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do? I'ld have to have a supply of books and if all possible would like to squeeze my scrap room in as well.

-Name one thing that turns your stomach. - coconut - can't stand it.
-What is your favorite hobby (aside from paper crafting)? I love to crochet and have probably made 50+ baby blankets for doctors and nurses I have worked with throughout the years. Unfortunately it has taken a toll on my hands and now I can only crochet a few rows a day but I'm still going strong - just have to get my mom to help me keep up.
-If you could have any meal for your birthday dinner (cost is not an issue) what would it be? Mexican food - ALWAYS wins with me!
-What is your secret vice? Peanut M & Ms

Here's a few Christmas pages I have made with some of my grandkids I thought I would share once again:

Thanks for stopping by and join us this week for this week's sketch challenge.
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  1. Loved reading more about you!! I don't like coconut either! lol!! I love love love your Christmas lo's!! They are just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. I just love your Christmas layouts and we are in the process of moving to Texas from Tucson, AZ. The moving van was here on Wednesday. We'll be in the Austin area and I can't wait to get set up in my new craft room. I love the way your grandkids wore the Santa hats and hammed it up for the pictures. That makes them even more special and the little guy the Santa touched on the nose is the perfect Santa picture which I'm sure you already think so too. Hugs from Jearise in Lorby's World.

  3. Gorgeous Christmas pages, wow! If I get stuck in the elevator with you, will you teach me to create like you do? I may never get there, but a week would help! ;)
    And, by the way, if I lived in Texas, Mexican food would be up there on my list, too!

  4. Wow, you have a nice outdoor space to enjoy, Debbie! I love your Christmas pages, too!

  5. Your "confence" room is great! Beautiful Christmas pages, too...

  6. How wonderful that outdoor space is, my family would love that. The layouts are so festive and fun, love them all.

    Laughed at your squeezing your scrap space into an elevator, I would too!!

    Merry Christmas in July!

  7. I love your "conference room"....I can see why you love it so much. Your layouts are your pages.

    Steph - DT member

  8. Love your conference room Deb! What a beautiful space to spend time with your family. You will definitely have to post a picture once your Christmas lights are up so we get a peek at your Griswold Christmas scene. Sweet, sweet pics of your grandkids, lovingly captured in these amazing scrapbook pages by a very proud gramdma!

  9. Wow Debbie what fantastic pages, so bright and festive I really like the shape of the last one.
    Lorraine x

  10. Gorgeous Christmas Lay-outs, I really like these ! I never get the chance to create lay-outs which is a shame, they are so fun & relaxing. Thanks for stopping at my blog to comment on my FYI card. Your FYI creations are awesome :) Shirley

  11. What a wonderful place to hang out, so jealous. I can just imagine everyone outside enjoying this wonderful place. Hope you enjoyed your break.
    Ho Ho HO

  12. What a fun post Debbie! Lovely layouts & reading about you was great!! Sorry to hear about your hands - that's my biggest fear - that I won't be able to scrapbook with them - so I will stay away from crochet!!