Friday, October 24, 2014

CSI and some Gossamer Blue

 I haven't been a very good blogger recently - don't really know why because it hasn't been for lack of time.  Just lack of motivation I guess. I have been scrapping though but don't feel I have my good mojo going.   I want to try out for more design teams - I think that's the problem - I work better under pressure and right now CSI is the only team I'm on.  So need to step it up and get out there and find more to do.  SOOO in saying that here's the last two week's Case Files.


 Then here's more pages from the Gossamer Blue October kit which seems to be endless this month.  I did buy some extra papers so maybe that's it.  But with Maria's parents being in town last weekend for us to all meet and go buy her dress I do have pictures to scrap!

Course there's always the adorable Gavin to scrap as well!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CSI and Gossamer Blue

Only worked Sunday and Monday this week but work I did!  Off until Saturday but saw that big C (charge) beside my name which is always stressful!  Hoping for a nice quiet day but I know better.  Going Friday with Maria and her family to pick out and order the wedding dress!  So exciting! We took a short (two night) trip to Port A last week and had a fabulous time.  The weather was awesome - in the 80s - so running on the beach in the morning and laying in the sun all afternoon.  Then on to a couple of drinks and oysters in the evenings!  Perfect - hated to come home and when I did a cool front had come through and had to put on long pants?????
Late this week posting my CSI page - almost time for another Case File.  But here's my take on Case File #143
 Next up is a few layouts from my October Gossamer Blue kit - I really added to the basic kit with all their extra ones this time so I have a huge stack of papers and goodies to choose from and then Megan sent me a bunch of new pictures last night so I have really been inspired to scrap.  Managed to do all these since yesterday afternoon!

  Then this was still with last month's kit.
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Friday, October 3, 2014

CSI and some Core'dinations

 Wonderful week away from work - this week I only had to work Sun/Mon and off till this coming Sunday - so LOVING it!  Next week is another long one - Sun/Mon/Wed but I'll live - I always do.  Have just been trying to work through the last two months Gossamer Blue kits - they seemed endless! 
Got some new bar stools so now we don't feel like we are sitting in highchairs by the bar.  Jason and Maria will be gaining the old ones which are still good - just too short. Headed out to Fredericksbury for a Peddler's Show to meet Charlie's sister, two nieces and daughter.  Can't wait!  Poor Charlie subjected to a girl's day!
Long post today but decided to do some house cleaning in my photo shop.
First up is this week's  CSI Case File - loved the bright fun colors.  BE SURE to check out what the rest of the design team created as there are some amazing pages this week yet again!
 And here's my take on it!


Next is the Special Case File for Scrap 365-8.  
 And here's my take.

Then here are some pages I had done for Core'dination's that I don't think were ever posted.  The first page used Black Magic.  I put some circles behind the page and sanded over them for my background.

Then this page shows off the Core Tags.

This is the White Wash collection where I scored the background.
This page is done from the Bright's collection
This back to school page is done with the new Chalk Core .

Then here are a couple of pages I have done with the Gossamer Blue kits on my desk.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

CSI and more Gossmer Blue

 Only had three short days off but enjoyed them.  Thursday chilled with Charlie, Friday met a friend for lunch - went out to our old stomping ground and got my hair cut and then met another friend for a margarita!  Then today we took Jason and Maria to the outlet mall and blew a little.  Needed new running shoes but of course found several other things as well!  Came back through Gruene for a late lunch and home.  Now to get ready to head for work again tomorrow - at least it's only two days this week.

First up is my layout for this weeks case file over at CSI! I don't know why but I loved the colors even though they are not just your easiest to put together.  This is little Gavin at the park being a silly monkey!
Next is another page I did with my last kit from Gossamer  - Gavin with his new hair cut.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

CSI and September Gossamer Blue

Have settled in and are learning how to live in a city again - major adjustments!  Starting with the grocery store - this one is huge - parking lot FULL and we are so used to our not little but same HEB for the last 15 years it's been hard to adjust!  I forget a little less every week.  The drive to work - awesome -from an hour plus to less than twenty minutes!  My scraproom - well I took this BIG long room as mine for just this reason.  Never have had this much room to just spread out and not be cramped at all!  Really want to take this with me.  Downside is that I took one of the three upstairs bedrooms and let hubby (yes we don't sleep together - after 35+ years we both sleep better alone!) have the master downstairs.  Well needless to say I'm BURNING UP and he's down there freezing.  I'm the one who had my own personal thermostat in my old house that I cranked down to COLD every night  - hoping with cooler weather this improves!  He doesn't want to buy a window unit for what he thinks is less than another month of hot.
Good note - back to doing interval running and for some reason it's easier to run here - don't ask me why but I've done more running than walking during my hour out.  AND this week I'm not dying like I was last week!
LOVED the Case File this week at CSI - inspired me to make this page of my son's adventure to San Luis, Mexico to visit his fiance's parents home and explore the country there.  To say they had a fabulous time would be a total understatement.  The photos are amazing and I can't wait to go this next summer for the wedding and to spend a little time exploring ourselves!

Next up is some pages from my Gossamer Blue kit which I only got this week because it got lost - well not lost - delayed- having to go through the change of address bit so I got it late.
First up Gavin with Charlie last spring on a day we got to help Brandy keep him down in Galveston - had a ball!

Next a page of Jason and Maria from a Spain Soccer game they attended.

Finally a photo of Jason and Maria and her Mom was just visited from San Luis, Mx a week or so ago.
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Friday, September 12, 2014


 It has been a long and very stressful two weeks but we are finally settled into a house here in San Antonio which will be our temporary residence until we find a place up in Lake Granbury and have closed on our house.  It was horrible!  We are just too old to be doing all this by ourselves.  Wednesday last two truck show up at 9 am and finally unload the last of everything at the new place around 7 pm.  Unfortunately we got tired and didn't realize that they had just unloaded all the heavy boxes that needed to go upstairs in the garage!  Then Thursday we head out to the house to clean and get the cats.  Get there and there's no water - city has it off for some reason.  So we clean until around 12 - head back to catch the dish man here.  Thats with a full truck load yet again (after 5-10 already) and with an entire storage room full before we even started!  Then head back out - full load yet again - finally water and house is clean with an amazing amount of work even though I thought I was living in a clean house!  Just move out to realize you aren't!  Cats NONE too happy to join us !  Poor Tess has never lived anywhere else and didn't come out from behind the TV until my son came over and finally heard her squeek!  BUT on a good note both seem to be happy to stay inside here which I'm glad of - don't want to find them run over so hoping to make them house cats until we get to where we are going.
Here to share with you my page for CSI this week.  Used lots of Core'dinations on this - started with a black base which I sanded down to show through the core - then I stamped.  Also added some Core Impressions in Basic Grey to show some texture.  Love love love Em's sketches!
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Graphic 45 and Core'dinations!

Today I have two pages for you with Graphic 45 and Core'dinations.  Graphic 45 has worked with Core'dinations to create cardstock that perfectly matches their papers and I love working with it - makes it soo easy! For this first page I have used squares of both patterned paper and embossed Core'dinations and alternated a patchwork patten.
 For this page I cut my cardstock into sections, embossed and sanded them and then adhered them to an extra sheet of carstock.  Then I covered my seams with patterned paper strips.
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