Thursday, February 19, 2015

CSI and a little updating

Well we just got home awhile ago from another whirlwind trip up to Granbury to move things.  Haven't said anything here on the blog yet because I just told everyone at work last week and didn't want it to leak out before I had a chance.  My final day working here will be March 13th.  Almost twenty years working here in Trauma - going to miss my co-workers - they have been my family and friends through the last twenty years.  BUT we have bought a beautiful new home (smaller than the last) up in Granbury and have been traveling back and forth for the last month trying to move as much as we can by truck.  This time week took both cars so that I could get my plants moved.  There's still SOOOO much to go.  We will have movers come to move the last of the big things as soon as I'm done but we have tried to keep that cost down by doing most of this on our own.  Good thing is most of our furniture is being donated to my son and his fiance and we are getting new!!!! How fun is that!  We have already bought a new couch and love seat, master bed (getting the rest for there later) and a kitchen table which I'm obsessed  with.  It's bar stool level and is just cool! But that's why I have been behind here even though I'm working to get two more ahead so I can pack the rest of this scraproom up - it's definitely the MAJOR move of the house!
Also have an upcoming trip next week to San Luis, Mx with Jason and Maria for a couple of bridal showers and some church appointments. So looking forward to that!
This is last week's case file.  Used some Core'dination's for this page - love this line!


 Then this is this weeks sketch and Case File which I solved below.  This was taken on a cruise with two of my grown daughters.  It's so fun to get to go with them and be friends as well as mom!
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Monday, February 9, 2015


Yeah I've been a horrible blogger lately but life has just been SO BUSY!  So much on my plate right now. Am leaving for San Luis with Jason and Maria in a couple of weeks.  Jason is meeting with the priest and then there are two bridal showers planned.  AND I get the personal tour of the city with Maria's family - can't wait!
 I'm playing catch up for the last two weeks with CSI here so will share two of the case files.
The first is Case File #153.  This is a picture of Brandy (right) with Maria, Jason's fiance.  They are pretty close in age and they have bonded so well and have so much fun together.
 Next up is this week's Case File #154.  I used this picture that Maria's Mom took of them at the Botanical Gardens and used it with some Core'dination's cardstock.  They are so excited as they look forward to their wedding this summer.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January's Gossamer Blue kit and some Nifty Pixels sketches

 Got my new Gossamer January kit and since it's all about LOVE I used some pictures I've been wanting to scrap of the kids who are getting married this summer.  First up I used one of the new sketches over at Nifty Pixel #38.2. 

Then I used another sketch from the Nifty Pixel #27.3 for this layout of the two of them from their trip to Las Vegas for Christmas.  Maria's parents took them and they had a wonderful time.

The last one is using some of the pictures they took to use for engagement announcements.
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Case File #151 over at CSI

It's SOOOOO COLD here!  I hate COLD.  I can't make myself get out and run if it's not at least 50 degrees so I feel like yuck!  Going to have to get Charlie to bring in the treadmill and see if I can make myself use it.  I hate the treadmill and in fact am planning to sell it but have been rethinking it with this cold weather.  AND knowing we are moving up to even colder temperatures soon I may have to change my mind on that.  Kim and Madison (my daughter and Granddaughter) come in tomorrow for Madi's doctor appointment so will meet them for lunch.  I have spent my last two days off meeting with friends.  LOVE friend time and am starting to get a little nervous about leaving all of them before long.  Work has picked back up and the unit's full again.  I have an orientee (experienced nurse but new to our unit) so it hasn't been bad.  Told her the other day I really like the concept of a team assignment!  Although true to form she has had submersion orientation because I really am the trauma draw!  We have seen only a very few bedside CT scans (it's new with the new hospital) and since she started three weeks ago she and I have done three of the maybe four done on the unit!  
Here's my take for this weeks Case File over at CSI.  Loved these colors.  Jason had done this photo treatment to the picture of he and Maria and I loved it so much I decided to use it this week. Em's fabulous sketch was my inspiration and she picked my layout to put up at the Nifty Pixel together with the sketch!  Exciting!

 Then I still have paper left from my December Gossamer kit so used it for some of our Thanksgiving pictures!  They were almost fighting each other this year to have their picture made (???? after all the years of BEGGING!)

Since I just got my new Gossamer Kit you should be seeing more soon although I have to work three days this week (UGH!)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CSI Case File #15 plus my favorites from 2014

 First up is my take on the Current Case File #150.  Found these adorable pictures of Cason, my great-nephew to use for this and a Noel Mignon kit from two years ago that I had never used!  Working tomorrow so hoping that everyone stays safe tonight.  Had a wonderful lunch with my mother and sister today and exchanged Christmas presents.  Tonight we go for dinner with Jason and Maria and Maria's parents before they head back to Mexico.  They (including Jason) all went to Las Vegas for Christmas and had a wonderful time.  We went up to my oldest daughter's and to Charlie's oldest daughters to spend a couple of days since I just couldn't get enough time off to go with Jason and Maria and her family. 
 No for my favorite layouts from this last year.  Hope you enjoy!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gossamer Blue - December kit

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Worked Sunday and Monday.  My orientee (who is an experience nurse but has just been away for four years) started.  Of course I went for the sickest patient and so we had a busy busy day but she loved every minute!  She'll be with me again Saturday and then for the next few weeks until she gets the hang of everything again.  Almost done with Christmas shopping - now to wrap and figure out how I"m going to get everything everywhere.
  Got my Gossamer kit Monday and knocked out three layouts yesterday alone!  Love this kit!  This month the papers were especially yummy.  Here's the first three pages I did. First up is my granddaughter who took some awesome selfies of herself! 
'Next up is a photo I took of Jason and Maria during Thanksgiving festivities. 

Then finally is a layout I did of random pictures of Gavin this year.  Such a cutie pie!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

CSI and Scrap 365-10

Well heading back to work tomorrow for two. Last week we were so slow there were only five assignments which in a unit as large as ours is AMAZING!  We don't take more than two patients each.  The census was really low.  AND they made me charge because I normally have a major black cloud over my head and can fill a unit up in a heartbeat but nothing - not one admission on my shift!  LOL!  Well here's my take for the Scrap 365-10 challenge over at CSI.  I used one of the prompts that asked what you liked to do on a spring day - for me it's ALWAYS about the beach!
We had a fun evening last night with Jason and Maria - they have re-opened a bowling alley near us and we all went up there and bowled a few games - haven't done that in YEARS!  Definitely need some brushing up on it though!

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