Monday, July 16, 2012


Well got to play with the CSI challenge this weekend. Saturday went kayaking with my friend, Mac, out at Canyon Lake - we are getting pretty good at this. Started out with such smooth water we decided to head on out to a park we had gone to another week and before you know it we were farther than we had ever been - cruised around a little island and then worked our tails off to get back to the pier - great workout and I was some sore there the rest of the day but all gone now. Last night we had probably the worst thunderstorm we have had since we moved out here - the entrance to our subdivision was done by someone without a brain - instead of building a bridge OVER the dry creek bed - the road just goes down there so when we get too much rain at one time we have a major river running and no one goes in or out. Well we got somewhere between 6-8 inches in around an hour and it was raging! Course there were idiots down there thinking they would try to cross it anyway but luckily the cops came out and changed their minds - duh???? Luckily it was down by the time my son got off around midnight - ususally runs off when it quits raining if it hasn't been going on for days. BUT we had no electricity from around 7 pm until 2 am - hard to sleep when you are HOT! All's better today but my ice machine hasn't kicked in again - hope it didn't blow it out. Here's my page for CSI this week - lots of Core'dinations here. Be sure to check back here for the next few days as we are having a HUGE blog hop with lots of give-aways - get your Core ready and have fun. We had so much fun getting it all together and preparing our challenges.
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  1. Sorry to hear about the rain and not having electricity!! YIKES!!!! I love love love you lo!! LOVING all the photos and the colors!!!!

  2. soooooo in love with all those peek a boo robots!!! Fabulous Debbie!!

  3. Well this is quite the adorable layout! Love those robots on a string