Sunday, May 3, 2015

CSI Case File #163 plus a special Case File - CC-5

 Just got back from a whirlwind trip back to San Antonio.  Drove down Saturday - had lunch with my son.  FUN!  Then went to a 60th birthday party of a dear friend of mine who was also my director for about 20 years.  Then stopped and loaded ANOTHER load of stuff from the storage unit (one more to go!) and had lunch with a dear friend before heading home!

Since the story was too long to fit on the CSI under the picture - here is the Story of Madi:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is the story of Madison who will soon be turning 18.  Eighteen years ago your Mom (Kim) and Dad (Jesse) came over to our house to watch a game because their air conditioning went out at their house.  They brought Morgan who was 18 months along as well – you were due any day.  Kim was like, “ Wouldn’t it be neat if Madison came tonight and you could come to the hospital and see it?”  I had remarried and just had two kids not too long ago so I said – how about I just watch Morgan and come for the afterwards!  (I was never one who wanted a party in the delivery room – my hubby ONLY).  Anyway around 12 pm she woke me up and said they were headed to the hospital.  Off they went – about two am I get a knock on the door and when I opened it Kim burst into tears.  Now this in itself is a major clue because Kim doesn’t cry – not for shots- nothing!  Jesse fell apart – he was like Mom she was fine – they sent her home and said it was too early even though she had to be wheeled out asking to be checked again.  He had even stopped on the way home to grab a taco!  I couldn’t believe it – she had a history of having her first one fast and they send her HOME when she’s asking to be re checked ??? (She was already a 3 first check!) Anyway she heads up to the rest room and I hear this big sigh and I was like Oh S_____!!! Sure enough her water broke.  I was just a year out of nursing school and specialized in ADULT ICU – no babies!  Anyway I’m heading her out to the car saying we are going back period.  No sooner do we get out the door then she says Mom she’s coming! – I mean right now!  I finally convince her she’s going to NOT do it standing up but going to lay down.  I scream at Jesse to call 911 - he was like should I call the hospital and see if we can bring her back!  I was like it’s too late for that – 911!!!  My hubby, Charlie, was flipping because we had just moved to this gated community and he wasn’t sure the gate would open (of course the fire department and police have this covered!)  Then the funnies started.  I get Charlie to bring me my work bag and ask him to bring some clean blankets and sheets.  Get the bag and as I take out my trauma sheers and cut the crotch out of Kim’s favorite jump suit I look up to see her trying to take it off at the shoulders.  Then here comes Charlie with my BEST afgan off the couch – I’m like Really??? Then because I’m flipping out in my own little head but can’t show it because I don’t want to scare all of them I’m trying to remember WHAT I remember from OB nursing school – seems I’m supposed to turn the head or something to help the shoulders out.  By this time I have Jesse at her head – Kim is like, “ She’s coming!” and I was like –“ No I don’t see her!”  Next second there she was – didn’t need any help at all – she’s just in my arms EXCEPT she had the cord around her neck twice.  Being a trauma nurse I’m used to patients who are OUT! And we talk to each other to tell everyone what is going on. Jesse was a med tech so though he MIGHT be some help – no he was in total father mode!  I managed to get the cords from around her neck and could hear her heart beating.  My middle daughter had just been there a few weeks before and left the syringe for suctioning their nose out so we got that out but Kim was still screaming because she wasn’t crying.  I finally calmed her down – let her feel her breath and her heart beat.  This is when I felt we had a few miracles on our side.  The syringe was left there – Madi managed to come out without help – nothing horrible happened.  I clamped the cord with my hemostats and wrapped her up on Kim’s tummy.  By then the fire truck and ambulance had arrived.  On top of this Jesse wanted to wrap her in foil and I was like WHAT?  Guess what’s the first thing they did?  We get in the ambulance because by this time I’m like sorry Jesse but right now I see I’m the most experience person here and she’s going to get safely to the hospital.  Course now that we are loaded the pill they had given Kim to make her relax and go to sleep kicked in and she gets slap happy.  They are asking questions and they go – well is it a boy or a girl?  We both look at each other – it was supposed to be a girl but in all the excitement we never looked!  On arrival at the hospital I was about to spit bullets but finally gave the baby up to the nursed who showed me a bathroom where I could wash up.  As I’m standing in there I hear them go – what is with this baby ??? She has grass on her!  Died laughing.  Before Kim left the hospital they had named her Back Yard Barbie!  The story lived at that hospital for a long time – I heard back from nurses who worked there who had come to my unit to work.  Madison did suffer compressed vocal cords and didn’t cry for a few months.  You just had to be looking at her to realize she was in full blown cry.  I didn’t sleep for months worried I had done some brain damage or something else wrong! We planted a flower bed where she was born and kept it full of beautiful flowers!  But she’s beautiful, smart and one of the sweetest girls I know.  She will be graduating next month from High School with her High School degree as well as her Associates Degree and headed to college in the fall.  So proud of her!

Then we have a second special Case File this week as well.  Had fun with all the PINK!

My little great nieces at their school Fall Festival.
Thanks for stopping by!  Love reading your sweet words!


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