Thursday, January 8, 2015

Case File #151 over at CSI

It's SOOOOO COLD here!  I hate COLD.  I can't make myself get out and run if it's not at least 50 degrees so I feel like yuck!  Going to have to get Charlie to bring in the treadmill and see if I can make myself use it.  I hate the treadmill and in fact am planning to sell it but have been rethinking it with this cold weather.  AND knowing we are moving up to even colder temperatures soon I may have to change my mind on that.  Kim and Madison (my daughter and Granddaughter) come in tomorrow for Madi's doctor appointment so will meet them for lunch.  I have spent my last two days off meeting with friends.  LOVE friend time and am starting to get a little nervous about leaving all of them before long.  Work has picked back up and the unit's full again.  I have an orientee (experienced nurse but new to our unit) so it hasn't been bad.  Told her the other day I really like the concept of a team assignment!  Although true to form she has had submersion orientation because I really am the trauma draw!  We have seen only a very few bedside CT scans (it's new with the new hospital) and since she started three weeks ago she and I have done three of the maybe four done on the unit!  
Here's my take for this weeks Case File over at CSI.  Loved these colors.  Jason had done this photo treatment to the picture of he and Maria and I loved it so much I decided to use it this week. Em's fabulous sketch was my inspiration and she picked my layout to put up at the Nifty Pixel together with the sketch!  Exciting!

 Then I still have paper left from my December Gossamer kit so used it for some of our Thanksgiving pictures!  They were almost fighting each other this year to have their picture made (???? after all the years of BEGGING!)

Since I just got my new Gossamer Kit you should be seeing more soon although I have to work three days this week (UGH!)


  1. These are sooooooooo gorgeous! You always are so inspiring with your designs!!! And I hear ya on the cold ... living in Phoenix, my blood HAS THINNED!! LOL!! It hits 60 and I am FREEZING! LOL!! That's bad for a NY'er!! HA!!!!

  2. Lovely pages my friend. Sorry to hear about the cold. I limit my exercise to indoor ones like kickboxing and that I can't skip workouts using weather as an excuse. I say, blast the music and run on that treadmill!

  3. I feel ya on exercising in the cold..... just can't force myself to do it, either. Actually wish I did have a treadmill or eliptical for inside the house... :)
    Loving your layouts! Love what your son did with the photos on your CSI layout this week. And the colors are absolutely amazing. Not surprised it was given a highlight! Beautiful Thanksgiving layouts, too. I really love all the circles you cut from the leftover papers.

  4. Great take on the sketch Debbie. Love the photo treatment. I hear you about exercising in the cold, but here it's the opposite. I hate exercising when it 110F.

  5. Where are you moving to?

    I love the b&w photo with the surrounding color -- all are fabulous though!

  6. Debbie these are absolutely superb LO's, you always use the most wonderful papers, brilliant creations for sure
    lorraine x

  7. Great layouts! Looks like you've got the best out of that kit for sure!! Our temps NEVER drop to below 10C here, which is 50F. Right now we are nearly at 40C!!!! It is just as bad as too cold believe me...