Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday with US and CSI

 Well here it is Saturday again already!  I didn't really say that - every single day with this foot is a struggle. I now have total sympathy for anyone confined to a wheel chair!  Maybe it's my type A personality who can't sit still anyway and am always doing something but this is driving me insane.  I don't sit well to start with.  My idea of sitting is to read, crochet and watch TV out the corner of an eye.  OR scrap or be here on the computer typing.  Went back to the doc on Monday and he changed the dressing.  Yes it's a little thinner (not much) but it's from three inches beyond my toes to  my knee!!!  He was laughing because he got teased to no end about the first dressing he put on my foot.  He is NOTORIOUS (VERY) for putting on these HUGE dressings - I'm talking  probably  a good six to eight inches padding around the foot - but he was given some ribbing because he toned my original dressing down.  See I KNOW him and told him before hand that I would be careful but he had to tone it down - I didn't have ANYTHING beyond A skirt that I could get on over that - even what he did I can only get capris on.  Now it's a little better but traded width for length.  Don't go back for another two weeks - still non-weight bearing - UGH.  Just knowing that it's a major pain to get up I have to to the bathroom probably 10 tens a night.  I know it's in my head but doesn't make any difference lol!
OK today here's my card for Unscripted Sketches this week.  Oh also today we are celebrating my mom's 87th birthday - have two of my girls with my oldest's daughter's five kids coming so a houseful!  Know it will be fun!

    Then over at CSI this week I have two case files to show you - first off is the one for Scrap 365-5.  This was my take on the Case File.

Then the Case File #117 for this week is this one and here's my take on it.  If you have never been to the CSI blog you need to go.  The Design Team is from all over the world and some of the most amazing designers I have ever run across.  They continue to inspire and challenge me every single week and I know I have stretched myself because of their inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. UGH ... I can't even imagine adjusting the way you are :( Hopefully you will get to put some weight on it soon! I love love love your card and your lo's!! They are gorgeous!!!!!!!

  2. Love what you created here! You took on all three challenges and did a marvellous job!! :-) I hope you will be able to get back to 'normal' soon. How annoying for you with that dressing,.... xoxo

  3. Such fabulous and happy projects Deb! :)

    P/s: Relaxing is an acquired give it your best shot. Healing well will prevent future problems so bear with it my friend. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. Your projects are amazing! I love the colors and patterns you chose! I hope you heal quickly I get ansty too having to sit still!

  5. Your projects are stunning that tropical adventure...its fabulous! Sorry about your foot...hopefully you mend up soon! ;-)