Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday with US and CSI

 WOW along week - hard to get back in the work groove after being off a week.  Day one - singled with a busy patient.  Day two - heard from charge - will have to double you up - got a call in.  Selected the intubated patient who was BUSY yesterday for someone else to add to mine over the crazy lady who needed to be watched like a hawk.  SO I never sat down from 6:15 till 7 pm except for a 20 minute lunch break.  LONG LONG day!  Then the next day we had the stager come to the house to tell us what we needed to do so that they can do the photos.  Yes back on the market with a new realtor who we screened really well and both have good feelings about.  BUT she had several pages of things we needed to do together with some things we needed to go buy.  We have been at it all day and I still don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Granted we had a stager for the first time we listed it but she was better at = this is what you need to do to like clean out your closets and your shelves.  This one is totally for the photos and what the house needs to look like for the video and photos.  I love what it looks like but its TONS of work.  We had alot of comments about the house being dated and this one told us what we had to do to make sure we didn't look dated (even though the house is 13 years old).  So tucking away my mommas doilies - taking down the swag drapes and on and on! Needless to say I have done zero scrapping this week - zero - just drooled over my things.  Believe it or not the scrap room was the ONLY room that didn't need to have something done to it.  AND I know I have more stuff in here than anywhere else in the house!   Tomorrow we are taking my son and his girlfriend shopping - that ought to be expensive!!! LOL!  But fun - lunch and a good time!
But for today here's my card for the sketch over at Unscripted Sketches.


Next up is my page for the Case File over at CSI

This is my daughter, Brandy, who joined me and my hubby for a weekend trip to Galveston late this summer.  We had such a great time.  This is my kid who picks us over spending time with her friends - just totally warms my heart!  She loves the time she spends with us!

Then here's a couple of things I made with the Coredination's David Tutera Card three step.  First a cute Halloween tag and then a Halloween tag.

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  1. These are all gorgeous!! LOVING the colors!!! And good luck with the new realtor!!!!

  2. Oh wow. That sounds like a lot of work...and I'm just reading it! lol Hope it sells for a great price after the "staging".

    Lovely projects as always Debbie!

  3. Lovely lovely projects here Miss D! Reading about the whole staging process makes me remember our own some years ago. Don't think I've recovered yet ha ha! BUT we sold at a really good price so it's definitely worthwhile the trouble! In Sweden people really open up closets and check the fridge to see how neat the sellers are. Weird huh! xoxox