Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Well I've been off all week for a semi-stay at home vacation.  We went to Arlington last week to Charlie's daughter's and had a great time - ran in to some old friends and got to catch up.  This weekend we are going back for two family reunions.  In the meantime hired my son to paint my upstairs because there's the two story stairwell.  Finally decided I think I'm too old to get up on those tall ladders and scaffolding like I did ten years ago when I painted it the first time.  Well of course working for Mom and Dad isn't like "real" work to him - shows up late - leaves early.  Well today I put my foot down - I worked with him all day and did alot of it myself yesterday morning (when he didn't come at all - had more pressing engagement!)  So we are almost done - have to do another coat of part of the stairwell and then figure out how we are going to get up to paint t he middle of the stairwell ceiling and up there.  We don't have the long think boards we used last time for scaffolding so are going to have to figure something out.  Will finish up Monday - I don't want him on those tall ladders when I'm not here and we are leaving tomorrow morning sometime.  BUT it's close to done -t the room itself is done.  Next week the house goes on the market again with a new realtor - this one seems like she will work awhole lot harder than our last one did.  We had first gone with the local agent and they seemed to make no effect to show or sell it.   So we did some research this time and hopefully have someone who will really work at it.
First up here's my card for Unscripted Sketches this week.

Next up is my page for the Case File over at CSI.  Need to go over to the site to check out the entire challenge.  These girls are so amazingly talented - I feel truly blessed to be a part of their group.  I know this is straight IRL but it sure doesn't look like it here!  This is my temperamental aging cat, Tess.  The journaling is on the back. Written by the cat's perspective.
I love you -  and I expect certain things from you:
You open and shut doors for me first time I meow.
You open a can of cat food the moment you get up.  You know I have waited outside your bedroom patiently until you open the door but then I'll meow until you open the can.
I expect a new can of cat food every time I come in and just because I'm old and I forget I need you to walk me back to my food and show me there's still some there.  I know Dad jokes that you need to go tie my bib on.
You carry me in the house in the morning after you load your work things in the car.  I may have run inside already but I will come back out and patiently wait for you on the sidewalk so that you can carry me in and to my bowl.  You will not mind that I get cat hair on your navy scrubs and everyone at work will know you have held me and pick off my cat hair for you.
You let me sleep on your scrap table - as close as I can possibly get to the screen becuase I know that's where you scrap so thus that's where I have the best chance of getting petted.
You forgive me when I throw up and just clean it up.
You pet me whenever I come around looking for attention.  I'll show you how much I love you by purring non-stop- sometimes for an entire afternoon.
You understand I get scared easy and don't turn on t he washer until I'm done eating.
For all that I will love you and only you.  I accept attention from the rest of the house but it's you I love.

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  1. Oh I wish you were located here ... one I would help you painting ... and two, our realtor was AMAZING!!! She is my MIL's good friend and is part of the Hickman family ... as in Hickman Eggs :) She worked so hard for us and we love her!!! :) I loveeeeeeeeee your card and lo!! GORGEOUS colors on your lo!! WOW!!!!!

  2. Lovely work! Hope everything goes as planned with the house. Good luck!