Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Happy Saturday - spent Tuesday through Friday at my oldest daughter's, Kim Moreno, who some of you scrappy people may be familiar with.  She has FIVE kiddos - mostly teens and wanted some help to deep clean her house.  OMG - what a project.  The goodwill store ended up with around 10 HUGE boxes of clothes and toys.  The trash cans are full in Eastland!  And her washer and dryer ran non-stop from the time I got there until I left unless I was asleep.  UNREAL what kids can stuff under a bed!  They probably didn't quite count on Mama who is an ICU nurse and the -oh Dad helped us clean out under there the other day didn't count for much - we moved every piece of furniture - washed every stuffed animal, piece of bedding, rug, curtain, etc.  BUT it looks great and by the time I left Kim was down to having to do a goodwill giveaway from her closet and just a couple more things.  Had to come home and rest to gear up for a week of work.  Headed back tomorrow and of course I come home to cleaning up and laundry for the boys!
Here's my card for Unscripted Sketches this week.

Then here's my layout for the double Case File together with sketch by Emma for this week's CSI challenge.  This is a photo taken soon after we got on the cruise.  We were all just about to pop with excitement!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend.  If I can I'm going to get out and run this morning before we make our weekly grocery trip.

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  1. These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and loving the misting on your lo!! Sounds like you had a productive week with Kim and family!!