Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IAAS kit for July just rocked my socks off - I was totally in love!!! My dear sister (after an unbelievable amount of prodding!), took pictures of my great-nieces while she was keeping them for a weekend. And she did an awesome job!!! This is Hailey playing at the park. With the awesome Lime Rickey in my kit this entire layout just made itself!
I'm not sure what the next week will bring - my MIL who is 89 and bordering on needing to be placed in a NH is coming to stay for a week. I really think they are bringing her here for me to evaluate on whether she's ready. She's slowly loosing it - becoming confused at night - scared to be alone at anytime. Totally breaks my heart - she's welcome to stay with us but if she does she will be torn from everything and everyone she's bben with for her entire life. We will see.

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