Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Friday ! YEAH! I've been through the health check up this week - went for a pap, mamogram, bone scan, got two cortisone shots in my hip for some tendinitis, got my two allergy shots, went for my work physical and had my annual TB test. I still have a colonoscopy to get done and my teeth cleaned and I should be good for another 20,000 miles! I also had a wreck yesterday - first time I have ever in 43 years of driving hit anyone. Someone stopped in front of the suburban that was in front of me without a blinker to turn and they slammed on their brakes and mine seemed to lock and I hit her - yuck - hate dealing with all this!
Oh a good note - here's the page I did for IAAS for their homepage this month. My g-nephew, Brayden - darn he's cute! There were so many Jenni Bowlin and other goodies in this fabulous kit!

Then this is a page I just did with the Noel Mignon kit - so many fun yummies here too!

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