Monday, April 27, 2015

CSI Case File #162 and a Celebration!

 Ok I've been a horrible blogger but I've been so busy! Brandy graduated from college (for the second time lol) Friday with her degree in nursing!  She will be a neonatal nurse at one of the Houston hospitals (has her job but don't know if she's announcing it yet!)  We had a wonderful time - got to spend time with her bff Megan (well Dr. Megan now) and our little adopted Gavin (Megan's little guy) who loved Brandy so much - to him it's her Bunny!  Spent two wonderful evening with them - Megan gave her a graduation party Friday night after a marathon - miserably LONG graduation!
Here today I have to share my page for CSI this week!  Loved this case file - the picture is of Gavin and his new puppy playing after Mom and Dad surprised him with her.


Here's a picture of the pretty graduates! Brandy is in the middle.

Here's the new puppy - a golden doodle named Kono. (female)
And she loves her some Brandy!
And we got to play with this fun little guy - started out in clothes and gradually ended up with nothing one! LOL!
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  1. Loving the lo! LOVING the colors and all the circles!!!! And loving the photos!! Congrats to Brandy!!!!

  2. Congrats to Brandy and love the cuties in the photos!
    Love how you played with those circles in your fun layout!

  3. What a happy time for your family! You must be so proud, my friend! Congrats to your daughter on her new nursing degree! LOVE your page! All those fun circle elements are super eye catching. I LOVE the yellow stenciling on the background, and LOVE that you cut the photo to a circle, too. And what a sweet new pup!

  4. Awesome page and great fam pics.

  5. Hi Debbie congratulations to the graduates they look very happy and so they should be. I love that little pup she is going to have some fun growing up time with the little one and your LO is going to be such a fantastic memory for them, brilliant design.
    lorraine x

  6. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter - I hope her career is all she hopes for. Love this cute layout with the expert MM. Every little boy needs a puppy and every puppy needs a boy :D