Saturday, September 20, 2014

CSI and September Gossamer Blue

Have settled in and are learning how to live in a city again - major adjustments!  Starting with the grocery store - this one is huge - parking lot FULL and we are so used to our not little but same HEB for the last 15 years it's been hard to adjust!  I forget a little less every week.  The drive to work - awesome -from an hour plus to less than twenty minutes!  My scraproom - well I took this BIG long room as mine for just this reason.  Never have had this much room to just spread out and not be cramped at all!  Really want to take this with me.  Downside is that I took one of the three upstairs bedrooms and let hubby (yes we don't sleep together - after 35+ years we both sleep better alone!) have the master downstairs.  Well needless to say I'm BURNING UP and he's down there freezing.  I'm the one who had my own personal thermostat in my old house that I cranked down to COLD every night  - hoping with cooler weather this improves!  He doesn't want to buy a window unit for what he thinks is less than another month of hot.
Good note - back to doing interval running and for some reason it's easier to run here - don't ask me why but I've done more running than walking during my hour out.  AND this week I'm not dying like I was last week!
LOVED the Case File this week at CSI - inspired me to make this page of my son's adventure to San Luis, Mexico to visit his fiance's parents home and explore the country there.  To say they had a fabulous time would be a total understatement.  The photos are amazing and I can't wait to go this next summer for the wedding and to spend a little time exploring ourselves!

Next up is some pages from my Gossamer Blue kit which I only got this week because it got lost - well not lost - delayed- having to go through the change of address bit so I got it late.
First up Gavin with Charlie last spring on a day we got to help Brandy keep him down in Galveston - had a ball!

Next a page of Jason and Maria from a Spain Soccer game they attended.

Finally a photo of Jason and Maria and her Mom was just visited from San Luis, Mx a week or so ago.
Thanks for stopping by - have a LONG week!  Working Sun/Mon/Wed so will be dead tired! 


  1. Wow wow wow!! These are all gorgeous! I am IN LOVE with that first one!!!! And hopefully you will get the bedroom problem resolved soon!!

  2. Hope you get adjusted soon!
    These are gorgeous layouts! :)

  3. So glad to hear you're getting settled, although it sounds like you've had a lot of adjustments to make. It's not easy when your routine gets so disrupted...but you are making progress. LOVE your pages! That first one is sooo stunning with the gorgeous photos and the border of flowers. Wow! And LOVE your kit pages, too!

  4. Glad you are adjusting to your new surroundings and even finding time to exercise! :) Love all these layouts! Especially the one chock-full of flowers. You do them so nicely!

  5. It takes a while to settle in somewhere new. Glad you got your scrap room sorted and after 38 years of marriage I LOVE the idea of separate rooms... think I need to institute that one here.. The projects are just beautiful ... every single one of them. Love them all. Hope that you settle quick I am amazed at how quick you got back to scrapping <3