Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday, Core'dinations and CSI!

This week starts a special month over at CSI as Core'dinations is sponsoring CSI for the month.  Please come play - I'm sure there's some awesome Core'dination's prizes to be won.  So as a result this month my layouts will be done totally with Core'dination's cardstock.
On the personal side I'm working today and have to work again Mon/Tues.  This is a major load for me after being off for two months and only being at work a total of four days so far.  The last one was a doozy as I walked in and saw I was in CHARGE!!!!! I have hardly found things in the new unit - still have this torture boot on and I'm in CHARGE?????  Except for walking miles and miles it actually went fairly well.  And true to form had four empty beds in the morning - none when I left with a waiting list to get in.  Susan (the director) loves me - rest of the nurses who picked up those four patients not so sure lol!  I'm notorious for having a black cloud.
On a bright note - went kayaking for the first time this year with my BFF.  It was awesome!  Can't wait to go again!

Ok since I forgot to post from last week we had another special file Case File 365-6 which I LOVED.  Here's my page for it.  I loved this picture I found among the photos that Jason and Maria took while they were in Mexico.  Such a tender picture of my little boy putting a flower in Maria's hair.  Shows how much he has grown up!  The background is done by sanding down a sheet of Core'dination's cardstock - love love the look it gives your paper while just using cardstock!
 This week's Case File had more yummy colors to work with.  Another photo of my son and his girlfriend on a recent weekend day trip we all made to Gruene.  Look at my sweet boy carrying my bag because I was on crutches!  Look close and you will see I used NO patterned paper -only cardstock - my flowers, leaves - yep all cardstock!

 Thanks for stopping by!  Your sweet words make my day.  I'll let you know if I live through the next four days!


  1. These are so gorgeous! LOVING the colors and the flowers!!!! And work sounds like it's getting better!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeously pretty layouts Debbie! Love the colour schemes for both of those & you've used them so beautifully!! Poor girl sounds like back to work is a bit of a shock!! Hope it sorts out & you get used to it all again...

  3. Oh how I remember those busy shifts, running, running. How are your feet standing up to it? Love your layouts, especially the Day Trip one with the bright textured cardstock :D

  4. Such gorgeous pages. I love the look you created with the sanded down cardstock. And number two looks gorgeous too. I cannot believe it's all cardstock! Fabulous!!

  5. I love both of these layouts and you rock the core'dinations. You always have such lovely ones. I loved the colours on both of these palettes. The lace and the banner on the second one is just beautiful. Love them both Debbie :D

  6. It really must be a challenge to work at your tough job, and in a torture boot, to boot! :)
    I am in LOVE with your CSI pages! That first color combo just strikes a cord with me....I was at the mall yesterday, and that combo was everywhere I looked...and I wanted EVERYTHING! Absolutely love all the detail, and boy, do you ever rock the Core! You are so good at achieving tons of texture and depth with just cardstock....something I am not so good at!