Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday posting

 Happy Saturday - been a long week!  Went back to work Wednesday - was in the locker room putting away my things when I hear - hey where are you????? My night buddy had been in charge that night and was there to let me know she had put me in charge for the day shift - welcome back - three weeks off and HELLO WORK!  Luckily it was a busy but not bad day.  Then came in yesterday and was float.  Never sat down the entire day -was busy.  Next week I'm on for three days but none of them together?  UGH!  I'm hoping to get the chance to get some scrapping done this weekend but my son and his girlfriend want us to do something with them and they are always my priority!
Well today I have a card for you for Unscripted Sketches - guess I was still thinking Valentine's with the hearts!

Then for CSI this week I have a page that goes with both the Page Draft's (Emma's) sketch as well as the Case File.  This one spoke to me about animals (probably the picture) so I did  a page about our little Sophie who my hubby lovingly calls Little Dog because she trails around behind him like a dog.  This is a little stray Brandy found outside her apartment and after almost $1,000 worth of vet bills including surgery to cut of her nec fas tail.  Then her roomie found out she was allergic to cats so Sophie came to live here.   She is too funny.  Even after all this time (she was horrible about it to start with) she beg to go outside (any weather) - get out there and stand up looking in the window for someone to open it up again.  Back and forth - winter's the worst because the idiot can't seem to figure out it's not going to warm up and will try again and again.  She follows Charlie around everywhere - to the mail box to pick up the paper.  God help he goes out and forgets to take her or vice versa. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have been busy!! I loveeeeeeeeeee these!! LOVING the colors and the photos on your lo!!!!!!

  2. wow wow wow !!! Debbie this is just magical, loving the way you solved this case, and the pic is perfect, stunning page x

  3. Oooh your Sophie looks just like our Elsa! we live in an apartment so she does the same thing but want to be let out on our balcony. Too cold to leave the door open for her and our other fur babies the whole day when we're at work. This is a WONDERFUL page Debbie, wonderful! xoxo