Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wow Saturday already!

Sorry I've been away but my computer got some virus called iexplore and it like to killed it. My SIL is a computer wiz but after two day we had to say uncle and I had to get someone here (he's in Georgia so was all long distance) who could lay eyes on it and fix it. Mucho $$$ later I'm up and at it again.  SO today we had ice.  I was supposed to work and it's a little different from most jobs where if you are late or the weather's just too bad life goes on.  NOT where I work.  In a trauma ICU someone has to be there - you don't show up night shift doesn't get to go home.  Nothing changes holidays, ice, nothing.  But I did heads up them yesterday so when I got up and saw only ice this morning had to call and say I would try when I could see.  So 8:30 I set out - get down the road to our subdivision (guess you can call it that even though we live on 3-5 acre lots) and made it almost to the highway before I said nope, turned around and headed back.  I was sliding all over.  As I was headed back here were all these cars going out so I said - you are being a baby at least get to the highway.  So turned around again - got less than a mile down the road and a big wreck with cops was up ahead.  Cop said there were more down the road so I turned around and came home.  Called in and by then they had the beds covered.  BUT tomorrow I'm in charge so have to try - hoping without more rain the roads will at least be dry - cold I can live with - icy roads for 40 miles and lots of bridges no.
WELL here's some cards and layouts for you today.  Going to get together all the things I did for CHA and hopefully post them soon.

First up Unscripted Sketches:


 Next up is my page for the CSI Case File this week. My daughter, Brandy - loved this picture and loved the colors!

And some pages I did with the January Gossamer Blue kit

Thanks for stopping by - hoping to have a crafty couple of weeks as I'm on vacation as of 7 pm tomorrow for two LONG wonderful weeks!


  1. Oh I hope you get to work safely tomorrow!! YIKES!! How scary!!! LOVING all your projects!! They are just gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. As always...bold and beautiful projects! Glad you got your computer fixed! Enjoy your vacation!