Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday and Gossamer Blue

Got my first Gossamer Blue kit (just signed up) and since I was stuck here with no car and no one around for two days ( hubby had to go to Eagle Pass and son's car is in shop so we were down to one car) so guess what I've been doing!  YEP scrapping by little heart out.  I got their main kit, embellishment kit and then they had a little special kit they sent out for signing up.  I used all but one sheet of the paper but didn't come close to using up the embellishments or the letter stickers - they sent tons!!!  Here's what I created from the kit.  Next up is working on the remainder of the Noel Mignon kit I still have on my desk! 
Friday I plan to make a trip up to San Marcos - they are having a CK convention and I haven't been in YEARS!  Kim and I went years and years ago.  Hoping not to spend a fortune!  I really don't NEED anything but that's never stopped me when it comes to scrapbook supplies!
First up is my granddaughter, Madison.  She had a photo shoot with T. Hernandez for cheerleading and she took some casual poses as well.

 Then next up is little Gavin.  Mom had shirt stickers for each month to document how much  he's grown.  He is my daughter's bff's baby (Brandy is his part time nannie) and I'm official "other" Grandma.

Then these pictures were take of Brandy and her Dad in July at the big birthday party we have for the guys whose birthday is that last week in July.  Brandy was going to get down with her dad but she lost it when dad started grooving out!
Last up are these pictures I got of Jason and his girlfriend at the zoo.  While I was scrapping them I was remembering all the times we have taken Jason and Brandy to the same zoo and taken their pictures at these same spots!  Time goes too fast!
Thanks for stopping by - your sweet words always make my day.