Sunday, September 30, 2012

CSI - Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday - I'm just now learning how to do this new blogger so bear with me.  Can't seem to get the journaling part at the top yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  Here's my take on the Case File #38 - didn't get to get it posted until yesterday because I was in CE classes ALL week long.  My brain is fried and my butt is sore.  Critical Care nurses DO NOT SIT STILL well!   But it's over and done.  Yesterday I did the trim in Jason's old room and refinished the antique dresser he had been using and now it once again looks like a nice piece of furniture.  Took alot of sanding and tongue oil but it's restored once again.  Today I'm off to paint the garage.  Next week we will be getting new wood flooring in the living room and Jason's old room recarpeted.  Trying to get this place ready to put on the market.  It seems like this house has grown to twice it's size now that I'm doing all this and all the kids are gone. 
Ok well off for a run before I get started and then hopefully will find some time to get some cards done and work on this week's CSI Case File.  I love these challenges!


  1. Your lo is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeee the photo and the flowers!!!!

  2. Wow Debbie this LO is awesome, wow, the design looks amazing this has been such a pleasure to see.
    lorraine x

  3. Amazing lo, and love that picture!!!
    ps, I don't know how to apply for a magazine, for the minibooks...can you explain it to me:)

  4. this is just so so so pretty Debbie!