Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing to share today but news! Brayden went home - he was so excited. He wouldn't sleep at the hospital and his parents were exhausted. They convinced the doctors that going home was in everyone's best interest. He's not very steady on his feet yet but talking up a storm! What a Christmas present for those of us who love him! One strong little boy with the desire to survive! We just got back from the Pulse (dance convention) in Dallas late last night. WOW WOW awesome! Brandy had so much fun and wow that girl can dance! There was some awesome talent there and the names there to teach were the tops - Mia, Chris, Gil, Dave, Wade (Brandy's heartthrob!) and Jamal. They were awesome - each and every one. The dances were amazing and I'm not sure but think my girl is a white-girl hip hopper! Fun weekend but I'm so far behind getting my scrapbooking and Christmas stuff done that I'm majorly stressing out! Will be posting cards this week as I get some done!

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