Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday with Unscripted Sketches and CSI

 Hope you all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your weekend.  I volunteered to work for one of the other nurses yesterday and when I called to tell the PCC she said - hey I'll put you in charge (like this is a "treat?")  I said - I'd rather just have a big busy trauma - she again - hey I'll put you in charge.  We me and charge are old friends but I have definitely earned my "black cloud" image.  Last week I cleaned out the unit discharging about 5 in 30 minutes.  Yesterday the reverse - we had very few patients and I proceeded to fill it back up as well as discharge a few more.  Needless to say I'm usually not on the favorite list of the secretaries who have to do all that paper shuffling!  Luckily they have all been there longer than I have (almost 18 years) so they still love me just have to give me a hard time!
Today I have a card for you for Unscripted sketches - I'm loving the challenging sketches she's been coming up with for us to do - keep watching - the next ones are wonderful.

 Then over at CSI this week we have yet another fun Case File.  This one had me digging through CDs looking for my favorite pictures of all my kids.  Then I have a little tag stuck under there telling each of them what I find so special about each of them.  Interesting little fact.  Kim (far left) is a May 24th birthday, Kristi and Brandy (middle two) are both born on May 26th.  Mine is May 13th and Kim's twins are May 1st.  We usually have Christmas in May around here!   Cardstock on this is some of the Core'dination's Jenni Bowlin line which I have been obsessed with recently - going to have to ask for more!


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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee your card and lo!! BEAUTIFUL colors and loving all the photos and your title on your lo!! Glad you had a good day at work!!

  2. Yeah I bet those secretaries do love you! LOL!!!
    Great take on the challenges and I really like the layout and title!!!