Monday, February 8, 2016

Case File #189 and #190 - CSI

I've become horrible at keeping up with this - who would know semi-retirement could be so busy!  I go to the Y every day I'm not working or out of town - have meet some great people but most of all I can really see changes in my body.  Never really needed to loose much weight but can tell MAJOR differences in my body.  Loosing my four kid intertube and my back and shoulders are loosing fat at a great rate. I could barely do a push up when I started or a sit up and now I'm holding out through the entire class.  Love that they offer such a great variety of classes because they are really pushing me to work hard.  I'm sure I'm probably the oldest in most of the classes but I love it.  I tried a couple of the ones they consider "gold" but man those women are vicious!  God help you got there early and are standing where they consider "their spot"!  Have had them literally come in and stand right in front of me so quit that! We finally had a little good new about my grandson last week - his protein levels have finally started to come down and his blood pressure has been a little better controlled!
Please come play along with us at CSI - these case files are so fun and challenging!  I know you will enjoy them!
 Here are mine for the last two weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to say Megan (my daughter's bff is expecting again so more baby pictures to play with!)


  1. These are gorgeous!!!! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know about the retirement thing Debbie. It seems the more time I have free the more I fritter away. Wow those woman at the gym sound nasty, best to keep away. Love your layouts, always to fresh and fun :D

  3. Oh, so glad to see you posting again, Debbie! And good for you for all the working out and all the changes you are seeing! That is awesome! Love your takes on the CSI case files! You really nail the colors. Absolutely love the cascade of circles and swirls on the second, with that cool background stenciling. And love the grid style photo arrangement of the first. Both are amazing!

  4. Glad you are enjoying your semi-retirement to the fullest and that your grandboy is doing better!
    Love your are awesome with the placement of elements - great compositions!